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IRC Meetups/2005/November/November23RawLog

[5:00 PM] <photomatt_lap> howdy
[5:00 PM] <stevecooley> whew
[5:01 PM] <anthonymcg> hi all
[5:01 PM] <gsnedders> hi
[5:01 PM] <gsnedders> error_bot: time
[5:01 PM] <error_bot> gsnedders: 10:01 PM, November 23, 2005
[5:01 PM] <stevecooley> I almost forgot :)
[5:01 PM] <photomatt_lap> me too
[5:01 PM] <anthonymcg> podz only told me 20 mins ago :)
[5:01 PM] <gsnedders> heh. I got in 15 min ago
[5:02 PM] <gsnedders> iCal alarm went off :P
[5:02 PM] <photomatt_lap> I just pulled over
[5:02 PM] <photomatt_lap> to find a starbucks
[5:02 PM] <rboren_lappy> I'm at Deaf Dog.
[5:02 PM] <photomatt_lap> I don't drink coffee, but their wifi is good
[5:02 PM] <gsnedders> :)
[5:03 PM] <stevecooley> Hey, I think I read SF is getting free wifi
[5:03 PM] <photomatt_lap> okay, the codex is loading for me
[5:03 PM] <photomatt_lap> as it's the day before thanksgiving, I don't expect too much today
[5:03 PM] <gsnedders> ...not in the UK...
[5:03 PM] <Podz> yup
[5:04 PM] <photomatt_lap> ah true
[5:04 PM] <Podz> we give thanks /every day/ :p
[5:04 PM] <gsnedders> and David, who posted the only thing, is in the UK
[5:04 PM] <photomatt_lap> haha
[5:04 PM] <photomatt_lap> so the question is how to make getting a WP.com account easier
[5:04 PM] <gsnedders> :)
[5:04 PM] -->| TonySt (n=Tony@unaffiliated/wptony) has joined #wordpress-meetup
[5:04 PM] <photomatt_lap> I think that may have been posted before we opened up registrations?
[5:04 PM] <gsnedders> yeah
[5:04 PM] <gsnedders> 19th
[5:05 PM] <photomatt_lap> well, done!
[5:05 PM] <gsnedders> :)
[5:05 PM] <photomatt_lap> it's as easy as it's ever going to be
[5:05 PM] -->| michel_v (n=tofu@unaffiliated/michelv/x-000000001) has joined #wordpress-meetup
[5:05 PM] -->| shep (n=shep@71-81-196-215.dhcp.stls.mo.charter.com) has joined #wordpress-meetup
[5:05 PM] <michel_v> yo
[5:05 PM] <photomatt_lap> let's talk about 2.0, how are we doing bugwise?
[5:05 PM] <anthonymcg> as a complete noob to this, i was slightly confused on how to get an API key for akismet
[5:06 PM] <gsnedders> photomatt_lap: try scrapping the form, make it easier :)
[5:06 PM] <anthonymcg> i have a wp powered blog so i didn't understand why i had to sign up with wordpress.com to get one
[5:06 PM] -->| mumbles (n=mumbles@cpc2-bror1-6-0-cust74.bmly.cable.ntl.com) has joined #wordpress-meetup
[5:06 PM] <photomatt_lap> anthonymcg: I'm making some changes to both sites to make that clearer
[5:06 PM] <mumbles> right
[5:06 PM] <mumbles> lo even
[5:07 PM] <anthonymcg> thanks, i'm a user since b2 but it was still slightly mystifying
[5:07 PM] <shep> image upload in 2.0 needs a lot of work
[5:07 PM] <photomatt_lap> we have 24 active tickets
[5:07 PM] <photomatt_lap> http://trac.wordpress.org/query?status=new&status=assigned&status=reopened&milestone=2.0
[5:07 PM] <Podz> shep, andy posted that that is being worked on
[5:08 PM] <shep> good
[5:08 PM] -->| alphaoide (n=alphaoid@c-24-126-217-237.hsd1.ca.comcast.net) has joined #wordpress-meetup
[5:08 PM] <mumbles> havent got round to testing 2.0 yet
[5:08 PM] <mumbles> installed will work on it tommow
[5:09 PM] <photomatt_lap> I think it's coming along fairly nicely
[5:10 PM] <photomatt_lap> there are some bugs I want to tackle the next day or two in a turkey-induced haze, then I think it would warrant a beta-3 that's more widely announced
[5:10 PM] -->| davidhouse (n=david@host86-132-143-1.range86-132.btcentralplus.com) has joined #wordpress-meetup
[5:11 PM] <davidhouse> have i missed the meetup?
[5:11 PM] <shep> no
[5:11 PM] <Podz> photomatt - you seem to have a target date ?
[5:11 PM] <shep> but the meetup missed you
[5:11 PM] <photomatt_lap> davidhouse: mostly ;)
[5:11 PM] <davidhouse> ah well.
[5:11 PM] <davidhouse> :)
[5:11 PM] <photomatt_lap> Podz: when it's ready! ;)
[5:12 PM] <Podz> hmm ...... seems to be being rushed a wee bit that's all
[5:12 PM] <shep> photomatt_lap: when is the new wp.org site going up?
[5:12 PM] <photomatt_lap> it is moving quicker than before, but we also have more people devoting more time than any previous release
[5:13 PM] <photomatt_lap> I think this will be the best-tested one yet
[5:13 PM] <photomatt_lap> shep: soonish, maybe with launch
[5:13 PM] <anthonymcg> will the media handling be fully ready for 2.0, yes?
[5:13 PM] <photomatt_lap> I can show you guys a URL I've been playing around with, not for sharing
[5:13 PM] <shep> :)
[5:13 PM] <Podz> matt - this is logged :)
[5:13 PM] <mumbles> whoever has the access can edit ?
[5:14 PM] <photomatt_lap> it's not THAT big a deal, but very unfinished - http://new.wordpress.org/
[5:14 PM] <photomatt_lap> layout errors, PHP errors, and blank pages everywhere
[5:14 PM] <mumbles> looking nice
[5:14 PM] <photomatt_lap> just starting to truck through it page-by-page
[5:15 PM] <davidhouse> nice :)
[5:15 PM] <anthonymcg> nice look alright
[5:15 PM] <TonySt> very nice
[5:15 PM] <anthonymcg> "state-of-the-art semantic personal publishing platform" - thats a mouthfull :)
[5:15 PM] <gsnedders> i'm not sure about the wordpress announcements at the bottom, almost looks out of place
[5:16 PM] <michel_v> matt: small alignment issue: I think the sidebar's top border should be aligned with the top of the content's letters
[5:16 PM] <mikelittle> The about page seems really light on the left. Maybe put the right content there?
[5:16 PM] <michel_v> that's the top of WordPress is a state of the art's W
[5:16 PM] <TonySt> I'm glad 'Code Is Poetry' survived :-)
[5:16 PM] <photomatt_lap> mikelittle: yep the menus aren't there yet, there will be navigation there
[5:16 PM] <davidhouse> the wordpress announcements bit can get mixed up with the left sidebar when the page is very short
[5:17 PM] <photomatt_lap> the layout hasn't been tested in any browser yet, just trying to get the framework there first
[5:17 PM] <davidhouse> sure,
[5:17 PM] <photomatt_lap> the markup is changing a bit, trying to make it lighter and cleaner
[5:17 PM] <mikelittle> Nice 404
[5:17 PM] <photomatt_lap> though it was pretty minimal before, most WP.org pages are only a few k
[5:18 PM] <photomatt_lap> so stay tuned, it should be more polished by next week
[5:18 PM] <mikelittle> Cool! Looks good.
[5:19 PM] * davidhouse is looking forward to the codex integration
[5:19 PM] <michel_v> I'm not a big fan of orphan links using bold georgia, but overall it's very nice
[5:20 PM] <photomatt_lap> squashing bugs is a bigger priority right now though, I think we can get 2.0 ready for release in early December
[5:20 PM] <davidhouse> just in time for christmas.
[5:21 PM] <davidhouse> the perfect present :)
[5:21 PM] <photomatt_lap> "give WP 2.0 for festivus"
[5:21 PM] <davidhouse> have we got a jazz player to name it after?
[5:21 PM] <photomatt_lap> not yet
[5:22 PM] <shep> christian mcbride!
[5:22 PM] <photomatt_lap> past that, there is a lot to clean up and optimize in the codebase for point releases
[5:22 PM] <shep> charlie hunter!
[5:22 PM] <photomatt_lap> but who knows, there may never be a 3.0. we're already addressing the vast majority of the needs of people out there
[5:22 PM] <davidhouse> you mean we might actually... finish... some software?
[5:22 PM] |<-- rboren_lappy has left irc.freenode.net (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[5:23 PM] <davidhouse> :)
[5:23 PM] * TonySt wonders what happened to 1.7, 1.8, 1.9 ;-)
[5:23 PM] <davidhouse> blogging will evolve. wordpress with it.
[5:23 PM] <gsnedders> the thing is, making it too bloated would take away users... Including myself...
[5:23 PM] <photomatt_lap> I'd rather do one thing really well in WP than adding a ton of functionality only some people use
[5:23 PM] <gsnedders> I'm sure I'm not the only one who would move away
[5:24 PM] <photomatt_lap> I could see related projects though that work well with WP
[5:24 PM] <photomatt_lap> like bbpress will be someday :)
[5:24 PM] <anthonymcg> Whats the one thing matt? :)
[5:25 PM] <photomatt_lap> making it effortless for people write and communicate
[5:25 PM] <anthonymcg> :)
[5:26 PM] <Podz> 'effortless' ... that'll be ThoughtPress then :)
[5:26 PM] <davidhouse> :)
[5:26 PM] <Podz> def need some delete buttons there!
[5:26 PM] <photomatt_lap> ha!
[5:26 PM] <anthonymcg> "blogging your thoughts instantly"
[5:26 PM] <photomatt_lap> someday
[5:26 PM] <Podz> matt - WorldTour London ?
[5:26 PM] <TonySt> god I hope not
[5:26 PM] <Podz> still on ?
[5:26 PM] <photomatt_lap> still on
[5:26 PM] <anthonymcg> dates?
[5:27 PM] <photomatt_lap> I'm purchasing the tickets soon, so I'll know the exact dates
[5:27 PM] <photomatt_lap> it's still flexible at this point
[5:27 PM] <anthonymcg> u going on to les blogs?
[5:27 PM] <photomatt_lap> yes
[5:27 PM] <anthonymcg> grand, can u let us know when u book em or have dates
[5:27 PM] <photomatt_lap> which is the 5th and 6th
[5:28 PM] <anthonymcg> i may be flying in from dublin
[5:28 PM] <photomatt_lap> so I'll most likely be in paris from the 2-7
[5:28 PM] <mumbles> of july ?
[5:28 PM] <photomatt_lap> of december
[5:28 PM] <gsnedders> WorldTour London? what?
[5:28 PM] <mumbles> ah
[5:28 PM] <anthonymcg> london before paris or vice versa?
[5:28 PM] <mumbles> crap on a workday
[5:28 PM] <anthonymcg> :)
[5:29 PM] <photomatt_lap> on the 7th I could fly to london and finish out the week there. do any of those evenings work well for a WP meetup?
[5:29 PM] <gsnedders> on a schoolday..
[5:29 PM] <gsnedders> in scotland :P
[5:29 PM] <photomatt_lap> any good venues londoners could suggest?
[5:29 PM] <davidhouse> right. i'm out :) enjoy the rest of meetup.
[5:29 PM] <photomatt_lap> it could be that weekend
[5:29 PM] <--| davidhouse has left #wordpress-meetup ("Kopete 0.10 : http://kopete.kde.org")
[5:29 PM] <mumbles> could make any eaviningt
[5:30 PM] <photomatt_lap> Podz, mikelittle: any thoughts?
[5:30 PM] <mikelittle> I would def try to get there weekend would be ideal, else I would have to take a day off work.
[5:30 PM] <mikelittle> I don't know london at all to suggest venues.
[5:30 PM] <photomatt_lap> it'd be great to get as many of the WP regulars there as possible
[5:30 PM] <Podz> weekend is bound to be better
[5:31 PM] <photomatt_lap> I believe there is already a geek dinner on the 10th
[5:31 PM] <Podz> mikelittle, a few comments here: http://www.tamba2.org.uk/T2/archives/2005/09/28/wordpress-london/#comments
[5:31 PM] <anthonymcg> you beat me to that podz, was just about to paste the link
[5:32 PM] <shep> Podz: you pay for my ticket, i'll pay for your dinner :)
[5:32 PM] <gsnedders> somebody want to try and get me down from scotland? :P
[5:32 PM] <photomatt_lap> maybe a meal around 7ish, then drinks from 9 on
[5:32 PM] <anthonymcg> i'd suggest a sledge
[5:33 PM] =-= TonySt is now known as Tony`
[5:33 PM] <mumbles> rememebers to saveup for an eavning out
[5:34 PM] <mikelittle> I'm teetotal, but have no preference for type of venue. Meal, drinks, I'm easy.
[5:34 PM] <photomatt_lap> so it'd be friday the 9th or sunday the 11th
[5:34 PM] <Podz> matt - either you choose or we make it a vote from attendees ?
[5:35 PM] <mumbles> would perfer it to not be a sunday
[5:35 PM] <mumbles> because i have work
[5:35 PM] <photomatt_lap> sounds like requirements are: venue with space in case people show up, non-alcoholic options, and not too expensive
[5:35 PM] <anthonymcg> me too, work monday in dublin
[5:35 PM] <mikelittle> Either for me, I have some leave time to use up. if its Friday.
[5:35 PM] <mumbles> friday would be better
[5:35 PM] <anthonymcg> someone want to lead on venue search so?
[5:35 PM] <mumbles> got thersday and friday off work
[5:36 PM] <mumbles> don't really know london venues
[5:36 PM] * Tony` surfs maps.google.com
[5:36 PM] <Podz> anthonymcg, trocadero ! Video games +++
[5:37 PM] <michel_v> \o/ girlfriend just got a wp.com! except she won't blog yet
[5:37 PM] <gsnedders> :P
[5:37 PM] <photomatt_lap> michel_v: nice :)
[5:37 PM] <Podz> anthonymcg, I'll continue the thread on that entry above, see what arrives
[5:37 PM] <michel_v> "michel_v got me drunk, dancing & blogging again
[5:37 PM] <michel_v> Just another WordPress.com weblog"
[5:38 PM] <anthonymcg> good stuff podz
[5:38 PM] <mumbles> Podz: could be good actaly
[5:38 PM] <mumbles> and lesver squire is close buy as well
[5:38 PM] <anthonymcg> we'll revert to matt with a consensus by the weekend?
[5:38 PM] <mumbles> lester
[5:39 PM] * stevecooley wonders: What is a blog if it's not posted to?
[5:39 PM] <Podz> b__g
[5:39 PM] <Podz> Friday 9th then ? date set ?
[5:40 PM] <michel_v> stevecooley: a placeholder
[5:40 PM] <photomatt_lap> sounds like that date is best
[5:40 PM] <anthonymcg> lapland at the trocadero eh? giggidy
[5:40 PM] <photomatt_lap> so let's set that and just try to figure out the venue
[5:40 PM] <Podz> okay :)
[5:40 PM] <stevecooley> michel_v: fair enough :)
[5:40 PM] <mikelittle> OK
[5:40 PM] <mumbles> drinks + free wireless ?
[5:40 PM] <photomatt_lap> which i will defer entirely to our english wordpressers
[5:41 PM] <photomatt_lap> wireless isn't a show-stopper, worst comes to worst we can just talk to each other instead of using our laptops :)
[5:41 PM] <mumbles> :P would be cool though
[5:41 PM] <mumbles> am asking some english geeks i know
[5:41 PM] <anthonymcg> talk? are u nuts?! :)
[5:41 PM] <mumbles> where in london would you be staying ?
[5:42 PM] <photomatt_lap> mumbles: no plans yte
[5:42 PM] <photomatt_lap> *yet
[5:42 PM] <gsnedders> i don't know of anywhere in London for that kinda meeting :)
[5:42 PM] <michel_v> photomatt_lap: by the way, you coming to Les Blogs?
[5:43 PM] <photomatt_lap> michel_v: indeed
[5:43 PM] <stevecooley> happy thanksgiving, all us americans... have a nice regular day to the rest of you :)
[5:43 PM] |<-- stevecooley has left irc.freenode.net ()
[5:44 PM] <michel_v> photomatt_lap: we're planning lunch the day before with suw charman, would you be one of us?
[5:44 PM] <photomatt_lap> one last item for the meetup - http://www.flickr.com/photos/pottersys/65965512/
[5:44 PM] <photomatt_lap> michel_v: sounds fun, I'd love to
[5:44 PM] <michel_v> photomatt_lap: I won't be at Les Blogs itself, I'm too broke :p
[5:45 PM] <photomatt_lap> it's overpriced anyway
[5:45 PM] <shep> http://www.flickr.com/photos/pottersys/65965512/
[5:45 PM] <shep> heh
[5:45 PM] <michel_v> I don't know. per american standards, it's standard price
[5:45 PM] <shep> brilliant!
[5:45 PM] <photomatt_lap> and there's a notable lack of non-six apart products represented *cough*
[5:45 PM] <michel_v> but in Europe we make two times less on average
[5:46 PM] <shep> what is the cost?
[5:46 PM] <michel_v> 200 euros for two days
[5:46 PM] <shep> (in US dollars)
[5:46 PM] <michel_v> add the price for whatever cool thing you want to buy that does not exceed 100 dollars
[5:46 PM] <michel_v> and you got the price in dollars
[5:46 PM] <Podz> $234
[5:47 PM] <mumbles> pity not coming to bromley
[5:47 PM] <anthonymcg> 200 euro?!
[5:47 PM] <mumbles> i know bromley well enough to recommend something;p
[5:48 PM] <photomatt_lap> unless there are nay other pressing matters, we can call it
[5:49 PM] <Podz> none here
[5:49 PM] <photomatt_lap> alright then, </meetup>

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