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IRC Meetups/2005/October/October12RawLog

[18:02] <io_error> We were supposed to propose a topic?
[18:03] <photomatt_wrk> go for it
[18:03] <io_error> Hm, more hooks for 1.6?
[18:03] <Podz> there's nothing really from the forums. Two suggestions I did make to the list though:
[18:03] <Podz> - a 'backticks' button ?
[18:03] <io_error> zedrdave would like a hook that's called when a plugin is activated.
[18:03] <Podz> - and search really does need looking at
[18:03] * io_error agrees
[18:04] <PotterSys> sorry for ask this now, but how much did I lost?
[18:04] <io_error> PotterSys: nothing
[18:04] <photomatt_wrk> okay
[18:04] <photomatt_wrk> i'm trying to avoid typing much
[18:04] <PotterSys> io_error: thanks :)
[18:05] <photomatt_wrk> hooks should go in trac, they're almost always approved
[18:06] <photomatt_wrk> Podz, could you expand?
[18:06] <io_error> error_bot: newticket
[18:06] <error_bot> io_error: TracBot does not have a tracBase defined for this channel
[18:06] <io_error> errr
[18:06] <Podz> a backticks or [code] type button that really does display true code. We get some weird breakages
[18:07] <Podz> it can take several posts just to get it right from people which slows their help and annoys them
[18:07] <Podz> some tags also will break the ` currently if they aren't correct
[18:08] <photomatt_wrk> hmm
[18:08] <Podz> so a nifty button would be nice :)
[18:08] <photomatt_wrk> can we encourage code to go someplace else?
[18:08] <photomatt_wrk> the forums don't really fit large codes
[18:08] <Podz> but code in the forums is in come way a resource
[18:08] <Podz> come=some
[18:10] <photomatt_wrk> k
[18:10] <photomatt_wrk> added to bbpress todo
[18:10] <Podz> no biggie, but it would be a nice addition if it came along
[18:10] <photomatt_wrk> agreed
[18:12] <io_error> error_bot: ticket 1752
[18:12] <error_bot> io_error: http://trac.wordpress.org/ticket/1752
[18:12] <io_error> thank you
[18:13] <photomatt_wrk> cool
[18:14] <io_error> I knew that bot would be useful someday.
[18:14] <skeltoac> io_error: http://trac.wordpress.org/file/trunk/wp-admin/plugins.php has it already
[18:15] <io_error> skeltoac: oh, nice, it's activate_ plus the plugin name
[18:15] <io_error> sweet
[18:15] <photomatt_wrk> :)
[18:16] <io_error> is it the plugin name, or the plugin filename?
[18:16] <skeltoac> I think it's the filename
[18:17] <io_error> that should work.
[18:17] <io_error> when was that added?
[18:18] <skeltoac> 10/5 I guess
[18:18] <io_error> hm, okay
[18:18] <skeltoac> I think there's a fatal error in there somewhere. I remember submitting a patch but it doesn't look like it's been committed. I'll check with rboren.
[18:20] <photomatt_wrk> sounds good
[18:20] <photomatt_wrk> any other topics to cover?
[18:20] <io_error> I have one more question: just how stable is 1.6 right now?
[18:21] <photomatt_wrk> i should be able to type better next week so we can cover more
[18:21] <photomatt_wrk> io_error: 85%
[18:21] <io_error> hm, okay, I'll start playing with a test blog, I think
[18:21] * io_error runs out of topics
[18:22] <skeltoac> Has anyone else been hammered by friends and family for a spell checker?
[18:23] <photomatt_wrk> yes
[18:23] <geeksmakemehot> I'd love a good spell checker :)
[18:23] <skeltoac> Well, one friend and one family member, but they're persistent :)
[18:23] <geeksmakemehot> I can't sepell vry gud
[18:24] <skeltoac> I think TinyMCE has something but I wonder if it's worth making available in WP.
[18:25] <io_error> I can spell, but my keyboard conspires against me.
[18:25] <photomatt_wrk> the usually require pspell
[18:26] <io_error> PHP has support for aspell and pspell, it seems
[18:27] <skeltoac> IIRC, TinyMCE has a dictionary checker that's entirely JS. It would be heavy, so it should probably not be included by default.
[18:27] <photomatt_wrk> firas was working on spelling I think
[18:28] <io_error> photomatt_wrk: yeah, he was, and his demo bot is offline
[18:28] <photomatt_wrk> maybe ask on wp-hackers?
[18:30] * Joins: stevecooley
[18:31] <io_error> OK, so it's agreed, people who are late to meetups should be forced to use movable type for a week ;)
[18:31] <photomatt_wrk> heh
[18:31] <Podz> a week ? no time to blog then :)
[18:31] <geeksmakemehot> Naw, just forced to install it :)
[18:31] <masquerade> io_error, I thought the general consensus was two, oh, hey stevecooley
[18:31] <io_error> it takes a week to install it
[18:32] <photomatt_wrk> you guys ;)
[18:32] <stevecooley> lol
[18:32] <stevecooley> *I* was here last week
[18:32] <skeltoac> ouch
[18:32] <photomatt_wrk> let's cut it short today, next week we can do a full one
[18:32] <photomatt_wrk> stevecooley: sorry was at web 2.0
[18:32] <io_error> stevecooley: you missed the whoel thing!
[18:33] <stevecooley> I'm flattered you're waiting for _ME_ to start the meeting!
[18:33] <stevecooley> gosh!
[18:33] <stevecooley> ;)
[18:33] <io_error> stevecooley: oh, no, we didn't wait for you ;)
[18:34] <stevecooley> io_error: well that's good :)
[18:36] <photomatt_wrk> </meetup>
[18:36] <io_error> see you all next week, same time, same channel

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