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IRC Meetups/2006/August/August02RawLog

[4:59pm] skeltoac_lappy: <meetup class="short">
[5:00pm] skeltoac_lappy: Here we are then.
[5:00pm] MarkJaquith: Anything I can do for WordCamp? Anything you want me to bring?
[5:00pm] • skeltoac_lappy asks rboren across the table
[5:00pm] Podz joined the chat room.
[5:00pm] skeltoac_lappy: Give a ring the minute you arrive. We might kidnap you for a coding session at the Automattic Bungalow.
[5:01pm] skeltoac_lappy: 707-364-0385 is rboren's number
[5:01pm] stevecooley joined the chat room.
[5:01pm] MarkJaquith: Okay. I'll be settled in by about 2pm or so tomorrow.
[5:01pm] skeltoac_lappy: The first item on the agenda today is an unidentified security hole.
[5:02pm] skeltoac_lappy: rboren says it's already fixed in 2.0.4
[5:02pm] MarkJaquith: I know of two major ones fixed in 2.0.4
[5:02pm] MarkJaquith: the one I found, and the one Dr. Dave posted about.
[5:02pm] skeltoac_lappy: fixed is fixed.
[5:02pm] mumblesblah joined the chat room.
[5:02pm] skeltoac_lappy: If that Geoffe character isn't here (not gsnedders) I guess it's a non-issue.
[5:03pm] gsnedders: I'm here.
[5:03pm] skeltoac_lappy: not you
[5:03pm] • gsnedders didn't read
[5:03pm] mumblesblah is now known as mumbles.
[5:03pm] skeltoac_lappy: Any other issues for this meetup?
[5:03pm] gsnedders: Geoffrey is my name on the wiki, IIRC
[5:04pm] MarkJaquith: skeltoac_lappy: he may just have been referring to the one brought up on the list
[5:05pm] skeltoac_lappy: Oh, the one that requires admin access?
[5:05pm] MarkJaquith: ... hm, or it could be the Dr. Dave one
[5:05pm] skeltoac_lappy: Whichever, we're not dealing with it.
[5:05pm] stevecooley: ah jeez, I just updated the meetup codex page, but I think I screwed up the formatting a bit
[5:05pm] mumbles: whops
[5:05pm] mumbles: forgot the meetup this week
[5:05pm] stevecooley: well, it's probably just not organized the way it should be
[5:05pm] skeltoac_lappy: Wordcamp Update
[5:05pm] stevecooley: yep!
[5:05pm] skeltoac_lappy: okay
[5:05pm] skeltoac_lappy: It's happening, we have the venue, we're rounding up cows for the slaughter...
[5:06pm] MarkJaquith: Would be nice to have a WordCamp mailing list or forum so people who are going to be in town early can hook up
[5:06pm] stevecooley: it's just starting to feel like a break-in rave, what with the details being so sparse
[5:06pm] skeltoac_lappy: Before we had hundreds of signups I asked Matt if we'd eat his weight in BBQ. There are no doubts now.
[5:06pm] skeltoac_lappy: I think we're going to use Dodgeball
[5:06pm] MarkJaquith: Heh, what's he, a buck fifty? Won't be a problem
[5:07pm] skeltoac_lappy: I don't know what else
[5:07pm] skeltoac_lappy: #wordcamp
[5:07pm] stevecooley: Where's the venue?
[5:07pm] stevecooley: what time?
[5:07pm] skeltoac_lappy: The Swedish American Hall
[5:07pm] skeltoac_lappy: http://wordcamp.org
[5:08pm] stevecooley: Yeah, two days ago it used to say swedish american hall
[5:08pm] skeltoac_lappy: oops
[5:08pm] stevecooley: yesterday... (checking now) it didn't say that anymore
[5:08pm] MarkJaquith: Hrm, why would Matt take that down?
[5:08pm] skeltoac_lappy: Email should have gone out by now
[5:08pm] skeltoac_lappy: I'll nag Matt about it
[5:08pm] stevecooley: Quote the page: "Where?
[5:08pm] stevecooley: Someplace in San Francisco, CA. Suggestions?"
[5:08pm] skeltoac_lappy: Yeah, I see that.
[5:08pm] skeltoac_lappy: It's Swedish American Hall.
[5:09pm] MarkJaquith: Internet situation... wireless, or should we bring a few routers?
[5:10pm] skeltoac_lappy: We're supposed to have wifi
[5:10pm] skeltoac_lappy: Maybe an EVDO router
[5:10pm] skeltoac_lappy: says bazza
[5:10pm] stevecooley: 400 laptops all hungry for DHCP and a power outlet
[5:11pm] skeltoac_lappy: Yeah... it's going to be like an early Gnomedex.
[5:11pm] skeltoac_lappy: Bring power strips.
[5:11pm] • MarkJaquith will bring Treo for backup
[5:11pm] skeltoac_lappy: I'm not bringing my laptop
[5:11pm] stevecooley: and it's still free? Those swedish americans are gonna go Viking on us
[5:11pm] skeltoac_lappy: Bring armor. We'll have a Cleric there to bless it... +1 against Vikings at least.
[5:12pm] skeltoac_lappy: Still free.
[5:12pm] skeltoac_lappy: We got a load of generous sponsors
[5:12pm] MarkJaquith: I think you could pass out a tip jar and a lot of people would chip in... if there aren't enough sponsors to keep it running in the black.
[5:12pm] MarkJaquith: oh yeah? pretty good for short notice
[5:12pm] stevecooley: free as in As-free-as-being-in-SF-can-be-free
[5:12pm] MarkJaquith: stevecooley: free, but $30 for parking
[5:12pm] stevecooley: exactly
[5:13pm] skeltoac_lappy: Take BART
[5:13pm] MarkJaquith: yeah, BART lets off less than a mile away
[5:13pm] MarkJaquith: 16th and mission, I think
[5:13pm] stevecooley: I would if bart went down to san jose
[5:13pm] stevecooley: caltrain to a bus, maybe
[5:13pm] stevecooley: or two
[5:14pm] mumbles: use public transport you lacey lot
[5:14pm] mumbles: lazey ^
[5:14pm] bazza: $30 for parking or $50 for a parking ticket -- your choice
[5:15pm] skeltoac_lappy: Half of Automattic is waiting for this meetup to end so we can all go to lunch... What else do we need to cover?
[5:16pm] MarkJaquith: skeltoac_lappy: any decision on topics yet? multiple forums going on at once or one-size-fits-all?
[5:16pm] skeltoac_lappy: I think Matt's waiting for another day or two, voting-wise.
[5:16pm] skeltoac_lappy: I'll nag him about it.
[5:16pm] • skeltoac_lappy write it down
[5:17pm] MarkJaquith: We can brain storm Thursday or Friday
[5:17pm] • mumbles still wants an england wordcamp
[5:17pm] mumbles: or EU wordcamp somewhere
[5:17pm] skeltoac_lappy: Maybe in the fall
[5:17pm] skeltoac_lappy: or next week...
[5:18pm] mumbles: october time - least i hope so.
[5:18pm] mumbles: im going to try and get EU people intrested
[5:18pm] skeltoac_lappy: What else? (rboren is going to eat my ears)
[5:19pm] MarkJaquith: I'm good
[5:20pm] skeltoac_lappy: Okay, I'm going to call it.
[5:20pm] MarkJaquith: Time of death:
[5:20pm] skeltoac_lappy: </meetup>

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