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IRC Meetups/2006/February/February08RawLog

[19:08] <photomatt_> howdy
[19:08] <stevecooley> hi
[19:09] <photomatt_> sorry I'm a few minutes late
[19:09] <photomatt_> in canada
[19:09] <masquerade> photomatt_, when exactly are you planning to stop travelling again? :-P
[19:10] <photomatt_> one of these days
[19:10] <photomatt_> let's see what's on the plate for today
[19:11] <photomatt_> "Review of the WordPress Responsibilities along with discussion on format used in Testing/XML-RPC_and_Atom_API"
[19:11] <photomatt_> MichaelH: would you like to start?
[19:12] <MichaelH> ok
[19:12] <MichaelH> * Review of the WordPress Responsibilities along with discussion on format used in Testing/XML-RPC_and_Atom_API
[19:12] <MichaelH> needs comments from people who will test.
[19:12] <MichaelH> I didn't want to create
[19:13] <MichaelH> a bunch of pages before settling on some kind of agreed format.
[19:14] <stevecooley> I just got my laptop back in shape, so I have 2.0.1 and ecto 2.4.x installed
[19:14] <stevecooley> I can probably help take a look
[19:14] <photomatt_> should http://codex.wordpress.org/User:Matt/WordPress_Responsibilities redirect to the new root page?
[19:14] <MichaelH> photomatt_ yes
[19:14] <photomatt_> okay, that'd be a good idea since that page is still linked from the dev blog
[19:15] <MichaelH> all recent changes have been made at : http://codex.wordpress.org/WordPress_Responsibilities
[19:16] <MichaelH> here's the link http://codex.wordpress.org/Testing/XML-RPC_and_Atom_API
[19:16] <photomatt_> okay
[19:16] <photomatt_> sounds like stevecooley has a good start on that
[19:17] <photomatt_> xml-rpc has a limited number of functions
[19:17] <photomatt_> maybe just listing them would be enough
[19:19] * Quits: gsnedders
[19:19] <MichaelH> If that framework is generic enough, and specific enough, I'll copy that into all the other
[19:20] <MichaelH> pages that I've created links for in http://codex.wordpress.org/WordPress_Responsibilities
[19:20] <photomatt_> that I don't know
[19:20] <photomatt_> different groups might need different things
[19:20] <photomatt_> it might be best to let them develop organically, the pages are for the groups, not for us
[19:22] <MichaelH> Okay. Should I create the pages without the 'Framework' outline?
[19:23] <photomatt_> are these pages really required?
[19:23] <photomatt_> it seems to be a duplicate of what's on the responsibilities page, plus the framework which we're not sure if people will use yet?
[19:24] <MichaelH> photomatt_ no but I thought that's what was asked for so I'll be glad to not do it (create those pages) ;)
[19:24] <photomatt_> let's leave them off for now then
[19:24] * MichaelH is okay with that!
[19:25] <MichaelH> next
[19:25] <MichaelH> # Wordpress Bounties? Something similar to the Canonical bounties (http://www.ubuntu.com/developers/bounties?action=show&redirect=community%2Fbounties), where people who need plugins / themes can post requests along with what they'd pay to see them developed. The idea is not for developers to get rich quick. It's so that a kid in highschool will be able to afford taking a week off packing...
[19:25] <photomatt_> cool :)
[19:25] <MichaelH> ...groceries to code a neat plugin for the community. In the end, everyone benefits. This can be implemented via a forum / mailing list / wiki? Lastnode 11:14, 1 Feb 2006 (GMT) Ptryk 11:16, 1 Feb 2006 (GMT)
[19:26] <photomatt_> I'm open to the idea of bounties
[19:26] <photomatt_> what do you guys think are the risks?
[19:28] <masquerade> nothing jumps immediately to mind, and I haven't heard of canoical having troubles
[19:30] <stevecooley> seems like a really cool idea to me
[19:32] <masquerade> there was another group that did similar for their software that I liked even better
[19:32] <masquerade> they basically had a page of requests for modules for their CMS or whatever it happened to be
[19:32] <masquerade> and various people could volunteer to donate money to the person who writes the module
[19:33] <masquerade> and multiple people can donate, it adds up over time, and the coder who tackles it gets the prize money
[19:35] <photomatt_> yep
[19:35] <photomatt_> that's very cool
[19:35] <photomatt_> people can vote with their dollars
[19:36] <masquerade> precisely
[19:36] <photomatt_> there is some code about 60% for this done, mdawaffe was working on it
[19:36] <photomatt_> it doesn't have a money part yet, just votes
[19:36] <photomatt_> however the code is all OS (based on bbpress) if anyone wants to work on it
[19:37] <photomatt_> it lets people propose ideas or wishes
[19:37] <photomatt_> then lets other people vote for them
[19:38] <photomatt_> okay the next item is related to the last item
[19:38] <masquerade> Thought about how the payment system would work? Should we charge people willing to vote up front, as a guarantee that we get their money, and return it if they decide to opt-out on that vote (maybe have an expire time)
[19:38] <photomatt_> masquerade: I think ideally people would paypal the money immediately and it's held in escrow, then the developer can't get screwed, but that has complications
[19:39] <photomatt_> what happens to the money if a year passes and no one takes the bounty? etc
[19:39] <photomatt_> I suppose we could have refunds, minus paypal fees
[19:39] <photomatt_> but I think getting the idea out there first and adding the money later is the way to go
[19:40] <photomatt_> iteration++
[19:40] <masquerade> Yeah, it might also be possible (/me ducks for saying this) to use Google's service once it launches
[19:40] <photomatt_> true
[19:40] <photomatt_> next up - "Forums--status on problems described http://comox.textdrive.com/pipermail/wp-forums/2006-January/001225.html"
[19:40] <photomatt_> MichaelH: I've asked Podz to compile all the suggestions and ideas into one action document
[19:40] <photomatt_> he said this will take about a week
[19:41] <Podz> yep - that's on my list
[19:41] <photomatt_> once that's public I can commit personally to some of it and if any volunteers want to help, they can pop in
[19:41] <photomatt_> at the very least put a timeline on things
[19:41] <MichaelH> photomatt_ okay.
[19:41] <MichaelH> next: # REST Webservices for WordPress vesion checking - The webservices used by this patch (http://trac.wordpress.org/ticket/1476) no longer exist on wordpress.org can they be re-instated so the patch can be updated for 2.1 --Westi 16:59, 31 Jan 2006 (GMT)
[19:42] <photomatt_> yes I'll redo that system when the bug is closed
[19:43] <photomatt_> finally - New Codex
[19:43] <photomatt_> this is just conjecture at this point
[19:43] <photomatt_> but the codex is continually having problems
[19:43] <photomatt_> I sent a complete dump to skippy, he hasn't been able to do an upgrade or anything offline and neither have I
[19:43] <photomatt_> so upgrading isn't a real option
[19:44] <masquerade> Considering a different wiki software?
[19:44] <photomatt_> ryan and I (mostly ryan) have been working on a new plugin for similar purposes, called blicki
[19:44] <photomatt_> http://svn.wp-plugins.org/blicki/trunk/
[19:45] <photomatt_> the idea being that there's no reason pages + some new permissions + revision saving couldn't meet our needs
[19:45] <photomatt_> and also allow more integration, for example with our existing user system
[19:47] <photomatt_> I think within a week or two we'll have something we can dump the codex into for testing, I'll put it up on a private URL for the docs team to bang on
[19:47] <Podz> it's a massive amount of info to transfer over
[19:47] <photomatt_> ultimately the decision is up to the docs team, they do the work, so it's whatever tool their prefer
[19:47] <photomatt_> Podz: it's a ton of data, but an importer isn't *too* hard
[19:47] * MichaelH shivers at that prospect.
[19:47] <photomatt_> one part of me thinks "don't rock the boat"
[19:47] <Podz> unless you make the new one 2.0 only and freeze the codex
[19:48] <photomatt_> but the rest is worried that we're putting hundreds of hours into a system which is highly fragile
[19:48] <photomatt_> (the codex)
[19:48] <MichaelH> photomatt_ don't tell wikipedia that!
[19:48] <photomatt_> well I'm sure they're using a version less than a year old :)
[19:49] <MichaelH> known as future version...
[19:49] <MichaelH> photomatt_ what happened to copy of codex you sent skippy for test upgrade?
[19:49] <Podz> our codex needs to be stable, upgradeable, secure and online. That last bit is also wanting. So if those 4 are not do-able, it must change.
[19:49] <photomatt_> anyway if you want to test out the plugin, set up a clean WP from a nightly and try it out
[19:49] <photomatt_> MichaelH: see above
[19:50] <photomatt_> Podz: good criteria
[19:50] <photomatt_> ultimately I'm not going to change anything without the docs team on board
[19:50] <photomatt_> so don't panic, I just wanted to put it on everyone's radar
[19:55] <mumbles> there should also be a backup for when the codex dose go down
[19:56] <Podz> google cache :)
[19:59] <photomatt_> alright, anything else before we wrap up?
[20:01] <Podz> not here
[20:04] <tunicwriter> We should get custom hostnames... like all the other projects that make their IRC home on freenode :P
[20:05] <tunicwriter> Just a thought...
[20:05] <skeltoac> tunicwriter: donate, you'll get one :)
[20:05] <tunicwriter> skeltoac: I meant wordpress ones.
[20:05] <tunicwriter> say... tunicwriter@supporter/wordpress
[20:10] <mumbles> would be cool
[20:10] <tunicwriter> See! ... >_>
[20:12] <photomatt_> okay :)
[20:12] <photomatt_> </meetup>

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