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IRC Meetups/2006/January/January11RawLog

[19:44] <photomatt_> Howdy!
[19:44] <SteveAgl> cake and PC.. nt a good combination
[19:44] <photomatt_> sorry about the delay folks
[19:45] <photomatt_> the wireless here is super-funky
[19:45] <photomatt_> the macworld guys must have messed it up ;)
[19:46] <photomatt_> who's here?
[19:46] * Joins: TonySt
[19:46] <PotterSys> that's why i don't live in the world capital of geeks :P
[19:46] * Joins: mumbles
[19:46] <photomatt_> I'm loading the agenda now
[19:46] <mumbles> i thought of somethign that might be intresting a while ago (for wp) compleatley forgot about it
[19:47] <photomatt_> the two proposed topics are from skippy and ringmaster
[19:47] <SteveAgl> skippy had to go and said:
[19:47] <SteveAgl> <skippy> I'm bailing, too. My agenda item is just a request to find out if we can lock in a date for a .01 release, and fix the _major_ bugs for that; then release .02 for minor bugs as needed.
[19:47] <PotterSys> ringmaster: ?If someone could please convey my willingness to work with whomever cares on getting planet.wordpress.org working goodly, that would be swell.
[19:47] <PotterSys> *If someone could please convey my willingness to work with whomever cares on getting planet.wordpress.org working goodly, that would be swell.
[19:48] <photomatt_> ah okay
[19:48] <photomatt_> well for the planet WP stuff, that sounds totally groovy
[19:48] <photomatt_> ringmaster is drafted
[19:49] <photomatt_> for the .01 release,my estimate would be early feb
[19:49] <photomatt_> if I was going to put money on it
[19:50] <SteveAgl> 3 weeks... not bad, see that tickets for .o1 are not so much
[19:53] <photomatt_> it won't fix everything in the world, but what I imagine skippy is getting at
[19:53] <photomatt_> is there are some big issues we've identified and fixed
[19:53] <SteveAgl> in the italian forum the bif probblems were about suexec and upload directory...
[19:54] <SteveAgl> last one it's solved yesterday i see..
[19:54] <photomatt_> you mean the problem has a patch that fixes it for the people on your forum that were having probs?
[19:54] <SteveAgl> yes
[19:55] <photomatt_> awesome :)
[19:55] <SteveAgl> there is a big hositng provider e in italy that done'st allow to chamge permission in htdocs dir.. but only on aprivate dire
[19:56] <SteveAgl> so with the new option in the admin menu for upload dir we solve a lot of prolems
[19:56] <SteveAgl> the other one suexec need to be solved
[19:56] <SteveAgl> the solution proposed by Ryan didn't work and iI reopened the tiket
[19:56] <SteveAgl> ticket even
[19:57] <photomatt_> okay
[19:57] <photomatt_> it probably would be worth doing a bug day like we did before
[19:58] <SteveAgl> maybe a weekend bug search :)
[19:58] <skeltoac> Good times :)
[19:59] <photomatt_> let's set a preliminary date of the 28th
[20:00] <photomatt_> though we can't do a release around valentine's day like last year, I got in big trouble for that!
[20:00] <SteveAgl> LOL
[20:02] <photomatt_> okay, any other issues people want to bring up?
[20:02] <photomatt_> we can make this a short meetup
[20:02] <photomatt_> I'm hoping to finish up the list from last week and send in to the hackers list
[20:02] <photomatt_> still been a bit swamped with things
[20:02] <PotterSys> photomatt_: you read my mind :P
[20:03] <SteveAgl> thene for volunteers fo various sections ?
[20:03] <SteveAgl> i was waiting for it too :)
[20:03] <photomatt_> yes, after it's sent to the hackers list it will be open to volunteers
[20:04] <SteveAgl> goo i woul like to help on the english side if i can.. i di nt to much working onlyy ofr the italian locale.
[20:05] <SteveAgl> oh.. yesterday i discovered that now worpdress.it redirect to NY times :(I was investingating to get the doamin... but i suppose in can't afford to ny NY Times to hget it :)
[20:06] <photomatt_> really? we actually have a big problem with international squatters
[20:07] <photomatt_> some are legit projects, like wordpress.de, but many seem to be shady
[20:07] <photomatt_> one guy asked me for thousands of dollars if I wanted the domain back
[20:07] <PotterSys> SteveAgl: did you check in nic.it ?
[20:07] <SteveAgl> last year when i started wordpress-it.it i triede to get wordpress.it but no answer from the owner..
[20:07] <SteveAgl> PotterSys yep
[20:08] <SteveAgl> so now i got some new space.. i registered wordpressitaly.it and planning to move wordpress-it.it
[20:08] <SteveAgl> i doubt i can get wordpress.it anytime :)
[20:08] <PotterSys> SteveAgl: wait for July :)
[20:09] <SteveAgl> i'm waiting for ;)
[20:09] <photomatt_> we'll probably end up putting all the "official" international projects on subdomains of wordpress.org, much like wikipedia does
[20:10] <SteveAgl> would be good even just a 3rd level domain it.wordpress.it redirecting on current resource would be good
[20:11] <photomatt_> we'll see how that all works out
[20:11] <PotterSys> would be the best, even with just redirection to original site
[20:11] <photomatt_> okay, well unless there are any further issues let's wrap this up
[20:11] <photomatt_> and I'll work on that wiki doc
[20:11] <SteveAgl> ok
[20:11] <PotterSys> everyone else looks sleeping :P
[20:11] <SteveAgl> oh photomatt_.. Hppy Bday :)
[20:12] <PotterSys> photomatt_: i owe you a malteo :P
[20:12] <SteveAgl> well here is 0.11 i'm sleppy too :)
[20:12] <photomatt_> thanks! :)
[20:12] <mumbles> talking about tired
[20:15] <SteveAgl> so meetup's finished ? bed time for EU people ? :)
[20:17] <photomatt_> </meetup>

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