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IRC Meetups/2006/January/January18RawLog

[5:01 PM] <photomatt> <meetup>
[5:02 PM] <SteveAgl> the agenda it's really short
[5:03 PM] <SteveAgl> looks like no many people are interested to help in the modules for WP...
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[5:03 PM] <photomatt> okay so that's the first item
[5:03 PM] <mikelittle> I just volunteered (and about time too)
[5:03 PM] <photomatt> there hasn't been much discussion on the list
[5:03 PM] <photomatt> so I guess most people like the divisions
[5:03 PM] <photomatt> thanks mikelittle !
[5:04 PM] <photomatt> the next step is to put something up on the dev blog about it
[5:04 PM] <photomatt> which has much wider distribution than any of the mailing lists
[5:04 PM] <jonabad> i've volunteered to help pump blood into the dev blog
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[5:05 PM] <SteveAgl> maybe using blog will make more people join..
[5:06 PM] <photomatt> so a blog about it this week, and then next week start contacting people
[5:07 PM] <mikelittle> Sounds good.
[5:07 PM] <photomatt> do you guys think we need any special tools for these teams or should they just self-organize?
[5:07 PM] <jonabad> i like it
[5:07 PM] <Mr_Brown> the dev blog should inform also on news for developers... eg. new classes, new hooks
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[5:07 PM] <SteveAgl> maybe some gorups will need a mailing list...
[5:08 PM] <mikelittle> I think the hackers mailing list is probably best for general policy discussions.
[5:08 PM] <masquerade> photomatt, I think the idea of some separate forums would be good
[5:08 PM] <photomatt> mikelittle, I agree
[5:08 PM] <photomatt> masquerade, on the support forums? or "forum" in the general sense?
[5:08 PM] <masquerade> photomatt, forum in a general sense
[5:08 PM] <masquerade> for the various testing groups to communicate, centralize it for all to see as far as testing
[5:08 PM] <photomatt> I gave some thought to that, like a wp-drivers list
[5:09 PM] <photomatt> but then I thougt about what would be discussed, the future of different parts of WP, and it seemed appropriate for our existing lists
[5:09 PM] <jonabad> photomatt, i agree
[5:09 PM] <masquerade> I agree that the hackers list is the best place for policy discussion, but I think that with the nature of grouping people to do specific testing on various parts, it'd be neat to have a forum so that people can keep organized, not be tempted and bothered with the traffic generated by other groups, et cetera
[5:09 PM] <mikelittle> I also think using trac to track enhancements, features, proposed work, patches, test results,... is also useful.
[5:09 PM] <jonabad> there are a number of lists already and things get discussed in one side and not brought up in the other, sometimes it feels like you're blindsided if you are only on one list
[5:10 PM] <skippy> if committee works needs to bang something out without being drowned by lots of non-committee "participants", they can just email one another. All our emails are dispalyed in the list headers.
[5:10 PM] <photomatt> skippy, very true
[5:10 PM] <SteveAgl> and we can ask for s pecifica mailing list fi it will be necessary in the future
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[5:10 PM] <photomatt> and since most "groups" will be 1-3 people
[5:10 PM] <photomatt> if anyone asks for something I'll be happy to set it up
[5:10 PM] <masquerade> skippy, that also gives a sense of closed-ness to an extent in these groups
[5:10 PM] <photomatt> but we don't want to weigh things down too much in the beginning
[5:11 PM] <jonabad> the downside of individual emails is that it won't be archived
[5:11 PM] <skippy> masquerade, jonabad : such is the nature of committee work. A summary of the efforts is presented ot the main body when consensus is reached.
[5:11 PM] <SteveAgl> various groups ca start on hackes tagging theyr emails
[5:11 PM] <skippy> or at regular status intervals.
[5:11 PM] <mikelittle> Perhaps an agreed subject prefix for discussions about specific topics, will allow people to skip stuff outside their area.
[5:11 PM] <SteveAgl> when the traffic will be too much group can switch a a reserved ML
[5:11 PM] <jonabad> skippy, weekly/monthly reports and such, agreed
[5:12 PM] <photomatt> I think what will make this work or not
[5:12 PM] <photomatt> isn't as much the processes we put in place ahead of time, but how committed the individual leaders are
[5:13 PM] <mikelittle> *nods*
[5:13 PM] <jonabad> aye
[5:13 PM] -->| skeltoac (n=skeltoac@pdpc/supporter/active/skeltoac) has joined #wordpress-meetup
[5:13 PM] <photomatt> there has been some discussion lately about if RSS feeds don't have a dedicated person looking after them, it'll all fall apart
[5:14 PM] <skippy> I think each section will need an official lead, in order to have at least a modicum of organization and responsibility.
[5:14 PM] <photomatt> chances are not all of the sections we've outlined will have a strong group around it
[5:14 PM] <photomatt> and they'll need to be managed as they have been until now
[5:15 PM] <jonabad> collapse the groups down and expand them as we get more people in the fold
[5:15 PM] <photomatt> yep
[5:15 PM] <photomatt> okay so the main thing is to do a blog post
[5:15 PM] <SteveAgl> I think that after the blog post and a week to wait for people to singup probably the various section will habve to be grouped
[5:15 PM] <photomatt> I have one started now
[5:15 PM] <photomatt> I think this covers both topics we have on the agenda
[5:15 PM] <stevecooley> I'm sorry to ask the "aren't you paying attention" question, but, what's the url on the codex to the signup pages?
[5:16 PM] <SteveAgl> stevecooley http://codex.wordpress.org/User:Matt/WordPress_Responsibilities
[5:16 PM] <stevecooley> Thank you!
[5:16 PM] <SteveAgl> your welcome :)
[5:18 PM] <photomatt> any other topics people wanted to cover?
[5:18 PM] <jonabad> right now, the structure is kind of flat, how/when will we know who we report to?
[5:18 PM] <jonabad> for example, i want to help with inline docs
[5:18 PM] <photomatt> I see ringmaster just added something, about working on the planet
[5:18 PM] <photomatt> jonabad, questions should go to wp-hackers or ryan or myself
[5:19 PM] <jonabad> okay
[5:19 PM] <photomatt> I'm on AIM all the time, I don't always follow IRC but on AIM if I'm online I'm open to chat
[5:20 PM] <stevecooley> I just signed up to help test with ecto and marsedit for xmlrpc
[5:20 PM] <photomatt> awesome
[5:20 PM] <photomatt> as an update on 2.0.1
[5:20 PM] <photomatt> two major issues have come up
[5:20 PM] <photomatt> one with the cache under SAFE_MODE, which can cause hosting problems
[5:21 PM] <photomatt> and the other a security issue
[5:21 PM] <photomatt> so the 2.0.1 release is coming much sooner than originally planned
[5:22 PM] <SteveAgl> there s still some seirous bug open.. youplan to close that ticket this week and realese next ?
[5:22 PM] <jonabad> is there a target?
[5:22 PM] <photomatt> SteveAgl, what serious bugs are you referring to?
[5:22 PM] <SteveAgl> the one makerd in trac..
[5:22 PM] <rboren> Trackback and enclosures need some attention.
[5:22 PM] <SteveAgl> my ticket about suexec for example
[5:23 PM] <mikelittle> Will we potentially have stability problems again if the release is too soon? Could the security fix go on a branch taken from 2.0?
[5:23 PM] <SteveAgl> make get people mad wiiht permission
[5:23 PM] <rboren> I can't reproduce the suexec problem with recent nightlies.
[5:23 PM] <rboren> suid and sgid are propogated on directories for me.
[5:23 PM] <SteveAgl> rboren i didn't test during last few days.. i will do tomorrow
[5:23 PM] <rboren> As long was wp-content has them.
[5:23 PM] <rboren> It hasn't changed recently.
[5:24 PM] <SteveAgl> well then it doens't works..
[5:24 PM] <rboren> But, try again and if it's still a problem lets track it down.
[5:24 PM] <SteveAgl> wheu u put the patch i tested and the i reopend the ticket
[5:24 PM] <rboren> I can't make it break. :-)
[5:24 PM] <SteveAgl> ok i'll do tomorrow and i will update the ticket
[5:24 PM] <tinster> photomatt: how soon is "soon" ? tomorrow ? next week ? is there a cutoff point by which patches won't go in for a 2.0.1 release?
[5:24 PM] <SteveAgl> i will try on a test blog freshly installed..
[5:25 PM] <photomatt> mikelittle, maybe rboren can address that
[5:26 PM] <mikelittle> OK.
[5:26 PM] <photomatt> all development since 2.0 has been bugfixes, with minor functionality changes in the uploading
[5:26 PM] <photomatt> to bring back options that we previously had
[5:26 PM] <rboren> What we have in 2.0.1 is good and fairly low risk.
[5:26 PM] <rboren> I've been pumping people for feedback every day.
[5:27 PM] <rboren> Focus of changes are: cache, xmlrpc, permalinks.
[5:27 PM] <rboren> And uploading.
[5:27 PM] <SteveAgl> there is only 10 tickets still open for 2.0.1
[5:28 PM] <rboren> There are only 2 or 3 that I consider really important.
[5:28 PM] <SteveAgl> 3 days ago were 31 :)
[5:28 PM] <rboren> Yes, we've worked through the patches.
[5:28 PM] <SteveAgl> well for tomorrow wehen u will wake up I hope to remove one of them from the list :)
[5:28 PM] <rboren> Hopefully.
[5:28 PM] <SteveAgl> rboren yes i saw.. good work :)
[5:29 PM] <skippy> photomatt: while I've got you here, can you please send me the LocalSettings.php and .htaccess used for Codex, so I can better test the dump you sent me?
[5:30 PM] <photomatt> skippy, sure
[5:30 PM] <SteveAgl> then if ll these 3 problmes get solved you plan to realease 2.0.1 end of this week or first days of next ?
[5:30 PM] <photomatt> any other questions?
[5:30 PM] <MichaelH> I know low priority next to 2.0.1, but any time frame to fixing forum?
[5:30 PM] <error_bot> MichaelH: Sent 1 week, 6 days, 7 hours, and 21 minutes ago: <schulte> to change the link on the Main Page of the Codex from Version 1.5.2 to 2.0
[5:30 PM] <photomatt> MichaelH, what's the matter with the forums?
[5:30 PM] <MichaelH> re:
[5:30 PM] <MichaelH> re: http://comox.textdrive.com/pipermail/wp-forums/2006-January/001225.html
[5:31 PM] <photomatt> I believe several of those have already been addressed
[5:31 PM] <photomatt> could you make a new list of remaining issues?
[5:32 PM] <MichaelH> yes I will and post to wp-forums.
[5:33 PM] <Podz> paging is still broken
[5:34 PM] <photomatt> MichaelH, thank you
[5:34 PM] <MichaelH> no, thank you!
[5:34 PM] <--| skippy has left #wordpress-meetup ("Free as in Puppies!")
[5:35 PM] <photomatt> alrighty
[5:36 PM] <rboren> then
[5:36 PM] <SteveAgl> finished ?
[5:36 PM] <jonabad> maybe?
[5:36 PM] <rboren> Let's go fix bugs.
[5:37 PM] <SteveAgl> Let's go bed :)
[5:37 PM] <photomatt> I hope everyone has a good afternoon/night :)
[5:37 PM] <photomatt> </meetup>

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