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IRC Meetups/2006/July/July05RawLog

[17:01] <rboren> <meetup>
[17:02] * io_error detects invalid XML
[17:02] <jsalbre> <meetup />
[17:03] * Quits: rboren ("Bye")
[17:03] * Joins: rboren
[17:03] <rboren> Whoops. Technical difficulties.
[17:03] <rboren> So, one item on the agenda.
[17:03] <rboren> Which is the bug hunt.
[17:03] * Joins: Winnopeg1
[17:04] <io_error> Isn't the bug hunt ongoing?
[17:04] <rboren> Yes.
[17:04] <io_error> Okay then.
[17:04] <rboren> We'll do a quick post mortem of what's gone down so far.
[17:04] * Joins: twidget
[17:04] <rboren> ~ 40 commits.
[17:04] <rboren> And several new contributors...
[17:04] <io_error> How many new bugs in those commits?
[17:04] <rboren> Which is nice.
[17:05] <rboren> I haven't broken it down yet, but many have been lingering for awhile.
[17:05] <io_error> Well, that isn't exactly what I meant... ;)
[17:05] * Joins: blognewb
[17:05] <rboren> Bugs created by new code, you mean?
[17:05] <io_error> Right. :)
[17:05] * Joins: PotterSys_
[17:05] <rboren> Yes, most bugs so far have been in the system for awhile.
[17:06] <rboren> I think we knocked most of the nonce and redirect bugs out just before the bug hunt.
[17:06] <io_error> It seems there is a LOT of stuff just hanging around in there.
[17:06] <io_error> Dating back to 1.5 and maybe before that.
[17:06] <rboren> Yes, filosofo cleaned out lots of old ones, but we still have many just hanging.
[17:06] * Parts: twidget ("Leaving"�)
[17:07] <rboren> I'd like to test those and close them if they can't be reproduced.
[17:07] * Joins: psc-eric-
[17:07] <io_error> I'm thinking we should have a fairly regularly scheduled bug hunt.
[17:07] <rboren> Yes, if we can keep interest in it.
[17:07] * Quits: PotterSys ("
[Potter System - Using SysReset]"�)
[17:08] <rboren> I think we should have at least one more for 2.1.
[17:08] <io_error> Absolutely.
[17:08] * Joins: Podz
[17:08] <tunicwriter> rboren: Please do, I was a bit too busy for this one and I wanted to contribute...
[17:08] <io_error> ^^^ And that's why I think we should have regularly scheduled ones.
[17:09] <rboren> What would be a good schedule. Every two weeks, every month?
[17:09] * Joins: skeltoac_lappy
[17:09] <io_error> I'm thinking twice a month or so.
[17:09] <mumbles> mounth probably
[17:09] <io_error> Until the number of bugs comes down.
[17:09] <Winnopeg1> Yeah, maybe twice a month.
[17:09] -> *nickserv* server
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[17:09] -> *nickserv* ghost
[17:09] -> *nickserv* nickserv
[17:09] -> *nickserv* identify
[17:09] * PotterSys_ is now known as PotterSys
[17:09] <tunicwriter> Twice a month++
[17:10] <rboren> We can start a twice a month and adjust if needed.
[17:10] <io_error> And because people have different schedules, in addition to being all over the world, I think one should be on the weekend, while the other is during the week.
[17:10] <io_error> That way most anyone can participate at least once a month.
[17:10] <tunicwriter> What io_error said...
[17:10] <rboren> Sounds good.
[17:11] <Winnopeg1> Yup.
[17:11] <io_error> I'm not usually this full of good ideas. Take advantage of it while it lasts. :)
[17:11] <rboren> Should we have hunt agendas like we do for meetups?
[17:11] <rboren> Target certain areas perhaps.
[17:12] <Winnopeg1> That would be neat.
[17:12] <io_error> Sure, but not necessarily fixed ones. After all, what needs to be done changes.
[17:12] <skeltoac_lappy> We seem to deal with known bugs more than find new ones during "hunts." Maybe we should call them Massacres or Crusades. :)
[17:13] <rboren> We found some new ones, mainly validation ones.
[17:13] <rboren> Some folks took the admin pages and ran them through the validator and turned up some issues.
[17:13] <skeltoac_lappy> good stuff
[17:14] <tunicwriter> rboren: If you're thinking what I think you are, having hunting agendas may be too skill specific and deter some people...
[17:14] <rboren> Well, I think it would be along the lines of, "We changed this area a lot, let's focus on testing it."
[17:15] <rboren> Such as with nonces or redirects.
[17:15] <rboren> But people can test whatever they want, of course.
[17:16] <tunicwriter> Ah alrighty.
[17:17] <rboren> Anyone want to take the Bug Hunt codex page and update the schedule info?
[17:18] <rboren> Do it like the Meetup page, show last hunt and next hunt.
[17:18] <rboren> An IRC log for a bug hunt would be a monster though. :-)
[17:20] * Joins: Libertus
[17:20] <rboren> I can update it and propose the next date. Say on the weekend in a couple of weeks?
[17:21] <io_error> That would be the 22nd?
[17:21] <rboren> YEp.
[17:21] <rboren> During that Saturday?
[17:21] <io_error> That should do.
[17:22] <rboren> Alright.
[17:22] <io_error> And quote times in UTC so people don't get confused again :)
[17:22] <rboren> Well I provided that nifty time and date link. :-)
[17:23] <skeltoac_lappy> and make sure midnight is the first minute of the day, not the last :)
[17:23] <io_error> skeltoac_lappy: I can't do anythinga bout that.
[17:24] <skeltoac_lappy> argue for your limitations and sure enough, you have them ;-)
[17:24] <mumbles> utc and gmt
[17:25] <rboren> Does that cover Bug Hunt stuff? I'll update the codex page and be sure to use UTC.
[17:26] <rboren> Okay then. Anything else?
[17:27] <io_error> I'm fresh out of ideas.
[17:28] <rboren> Okay, let's call it.
[17:28] <rboren> </meetup>

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