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IRC Meetups/2006/June/June28RawLog

[17:06] <photomatt> <meetup>
[17:06] <photomatt> first topic, bug hunt!
[17:06] <photomatt> take it away, mr boren
[17:07] <rboren> Yeah, let's, like, do one.
[17:07] <rboren> Could be combines 2.0.4 and 2.1.
[17:08] <rboren> Both are pretty usable right now.
[17:08] * Joins: mdawaffe
[17:09] <rboren> Suggestions for date/time?
[17:09] <photomatt> are both milestones pretty clean in terms of what's left to do?
[17:09] <rboren> 2.0.4 is pretty settled.
[17:09] <photomatt> how about next tuesday or wednseday?
[17:09] <rboren> 2.1 doesn't have much outstanding.
[17:09] <rboren> Sounds good.
[17:10] <rboren> Do it on meetup day and then have a progress report during the meetup.
[17:10] <rboren> We need to update the bug hunt page to mention 2.04. and 2.1.
[17:10] <rboren> And update the date.
[17:10] <Podz> forum post?
[17:11] <rboren> Yep.
[17:11] <Podz> wil do
[17:11] <photomatt> dev blog post?
[17:11] <photomatt> would probably get more exposure
[17:11] <rboren> Sure, we keep saying we need to use that thing.
[17:11] <photomatt> and the dev blog needs an update anyway
[17:11] <photomatt> get that april fools off there
[17:11] <photomatt> rboren: can you check that you have publish on the dev blog?
[17:14] <rboren> Can't even login in right now.
[17:15] <rboren> Been awhile since I tried.
[17:17] <photomatt> okay we can figure that out
[17:18] <rboren> So, we need to update the codex page, make forum and dev blog announcements, make snapshots for both 2.0.4 and 2.1, and ...?
[17:18] <photomatt> try a password reset
[17:19] <ringmaster> Look! A pterodactyl!
[17:20] <rboren> I'm in.
[17:20] <photomatt> heh
[17:20] <photomatt> okay
[17:24] <rboren> I'll take care of all of the bug hunt stuff. What's next?
[17:24] <photomatt> a topic from MarkJ, but he's not around
[17:25] <ringmaster> I think the topic is familiar enough to cover at least briefly to get people here to think on it.
[17:26] <ringmaster> It's regarding http://trac.wordpress.org/ticket/2531 and photomatt's suggestions for altering the caps system.
[17:28] <ringmaster> Having had the discussion a few times on IRC and via some email and Trac, I agree with Mark on two points: That the current system can be made to work well, and that hardcoding caps/roles into the core is a bad idea.
[17:28] <photomatt> okay
[17:30] <photomatt> anybody want to comment on that?
[17:31] <ringmaster> Since no further comment has been made on it by core devs as to what the road ahead is, nobody has been producing any code in that area.
[17:31] <rboren> I'm a bit too tired to think about it. I do think it can wait for 2.2 where we can make it a focus.
[17:32] <ringmaster> rboren: That seems a reasonable course of action, even if there are a few things left undone that we could do for 2.1, such as the caps2users/user2caps suggestion Mark had.
[17:33] <rboren> Right. I kinda just want to firm up 2.1 and get it before it slips to far into the year.
[17:33] <rboren> get it out
[17:35] * Quits: skippy ("Leaving"�)
[17:36] <ringmaster> Ok, so no changes for 2.1 then. And then we can discuss what 2.2 might hold?
[17:37] <rboren> Sounds good.
[17:37] <rboren> Everybody cogitate and be ready.
[17:38] <ringmaster> I don't think it will pain Mark to hear that. And that's all I have to say today.  :)
[17:38] * Joins: undersigned
[17:39] <undersigned> meetup over?
[17:39] <PotterSys> undersigned: almost
[17:39] <undersigned> mkay
[17:39] <undersigned> :)
[17:39] <rboren> I tweaked the Bug Hunt page a bit. Feel free to make it prettier. If you want to help host the hunt put your name in the "IRC Bug Hunt Hosts" section.
[17:39] <rboren> http://codex.wordpress.org/WordPress_Bug_Hunts
[17:39] <photomatt> yeah I don't really feel like talking about caps either
[17:40] <photomatt> rboren: cool
[17:40] <photomatt> rboren: why don't we start with a ping to wp-hackers
[17:40] <photomatt> a post to dev blog tomorrow should still be enough time
[17:40] <photomatt> it can be a 24-hour event
[17:41] <rboren> Hopefully those in the US won't be too burnt out from July 4th the previous day.
[17:41] <ringmaster> photomatt: At some point talking about caps will become necessary though, and I hope that it gets discussed instead of mandated by dev fiat.
[17:42] <photomatt> it's not really a discussion when people are stubborn, so yes, I hope it is discussed
[17:42] <ringmaster> Well, when you stop being stubborn and discuss it, that'll be cool.
[17:42] <photomatt> you're quite the charmer
[17:43] <photomatt> anything else for the meetup?
[17:43] <ringmaster> Anything else we can ignore? Why bother.
[17:43] * Parts: ringmaster
[17:44] <photomatt> on that note
[17:44] <photomatt> let's call it
[17:44] <undersigned> :)
[17:44] <undersigned> yay, got my smiley in the logs
[17:44] <photomatt> actually one more thing
[17:45] <photomatt> undersigned: could you talk briefly about the theme comp you are thinking about?
[17:45] <undersigned> sure :)
[17:45] <undersigned> i have written a blog post at http://theundersigned.net/2006/06/wordpress-theme-competition/
[17:46] <undersigned> i have taken some time to contact different companies etc, to collect prizes enough to create a good prize pool for a new theme competition
[17:46] <photomatt> why do you think the last theme comp failed, and how will this one be better?
[17:46] <undersigned> i think the wp community is great etc etc - but i have been really dissapointed over the last two competitions
[17:47] <undersigned> the first was fake, the second was unorganized, and as far as i have heard, many of the prizes sponsored for the last competition was never claimed from the sponsors
[17:47] <undersigned> the last competition included both previously released themes, theme mods and a design rip, and i missed a lot more organizing :/
[17:48] <undersigned> well.. David posted this on bloggingpro.com: http://www.bloggingpro.com/archives/2006/06/23/wordpress-slowdown-and-a-challenge/
[17:48] <undersigned> and i agree
[17:49] <undersigned> i planned the competition before that post, but it tells me that others think the same :/
[17:49] <photomatt> gotcha
[17:49] <photomatt> I agree the last one was a bit of a disappointment
[17:49] <photomatt> it's a ton of time commitment, are you up for it?
[17:50] <undersigned> i am working out a rule set (no themes based on other themes - mods, no pre-released themes, semantic markup/valid design as far as possible etc)
[17:50] <undersigned> well, i already use a lot of time keeping the theme viewer clean from duplicates, and updating themes for people etc
[17:50] <undersigned> i get 10-20 mails from the theme viewer form every day
[17:50] <undersigned> i guess this wouldn't be near as hectic :)
[17:51] <photomatt> what can be done to make this round even more kick-ass?
[17:51] <undersigned> better prize pool will encourage more to join
[17:52] <undersigned> im trying to create interest by blogging a little about it etc.
[17:53] <undersigned> the prizes so far is quantity, but no real catches.. we are talking licenses for various apps, books, 1-year hosting offers, icon buffet downloads etc
[17:53] <tunicwriter> Maybe since you guys do want to use that handy dev blog of yours, you can kick up some interest using that, too...
[17:54] <photomatt> I like the sound of that
[17:54] <photomatt> also I like that this one is being run by someone who is known within the WP community, I still feel silly about blogging that first theme comp
[17:54] <undersigned> i am still contacting people and hope to get some good prizes.. competition will be covered on both the theme viewer and my blog .. = avg 5000+ unique daily visitors.. sponsors will indeed get publicity
[17:55] <undersigned> thx matt :)
[17:55] <photomatt> I'd be happy to kick in some sponsorship
[17:55] <undersigned> fantastic!
[17:56] <undersigned> david from bloggingpro might sponsor some too he mentioned, as well as cover it
[17:56] <undersigned> i have contacts within the UK .net magazine too
[17:56] <undersigned> and am in contact with layermagazine
[17:57] <undersigned> i hope these will help too ;)
[17:57] <photomatt> sounds very nice
[17:57] <photomatt> there aren't really any theme changes coming in 2.1
[17:57] <photomatt> except for themes which directly query the posts DB
[17:57] <photomatt> encouraging themes to be forward-compatible would be highly recommended
[17:57] <undersigned> great
[17:57] <undersigned> i will write that down
[17:58] <photomatt> we haven't really made a decision about rolling in widgets yet or not
[17:58] <undersigned> btw.. since 17th of june there has been over 72000 theme downloads from the viewer
[17:59] <undersigned> ok, my personal opinion is go for it..
[17:59] <undersigned> but i will encourage widget compatibility and plugin-wreapping anyways though
[17:59] <photomatt> undersigned: I don't know if you saw, but I made the links to the theme viewer very prominent
[17:59] <photomatt> on the extend page, for example
[18:00] <undersigned> yea really nice!
[18:02] <undersigned> what do you think about the wp.com prize idea..?
[18:02] <photomatt> alrighty
[18:02] <photomatt> any other topics?
[18:03] <PotterSys> none here...
[18:04] <undersigned> nope
[18:06] <photomatt> okay!
[18:06] <photomatt> </meetup>

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