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IRC Meetups/2006/March/March08RawLog

[19:01] <rboren> Fiat meetup.
[19:01] <rboren> <meetup>
[19:01] <rboren> Nothing on the agenda.
[19:01] <rboren> Who's got something?
[19:02] <stevecooley> great meetup
[19:02] <rboren> Okay, I'll go.
[19:02] <rboren> 2.0.2 is coming soon.
[19:03] <rboren> Security release.
[19:03] <rboren> Haven't had much feedback from the testers list.
[19:03] <rboren> So it's either flawless or no one cares. :-)
[19:03] <stevecooley> Ship it!
[19:03] <rboren> I'm going to run a few last sanity checks and then we'll probably do just that.
[19:04] <ringmaster> regression testing++
[19:04] <MichaelH> Comment on forum that it's getting reviewed for security. Is that true.
[19:04] <rboren> Folks on the wordpress-dev channel combed through it a bit.
[19:04] <rboren> Looking for missing referer checks and such.
[19:04] <_johannes> where do I add me to the testers list? ;-)
[19:05] <MichaelH> _johannes: look here http://codex.wordpress.org/Mailing_Lists
[19:06] <rboren> Direct link:
[19:06] <rboren> http://lists.automattic.com/mailman/listinfo/wp-testers
[19:07] <_johannes> thx
[19:07] <rboren> Any 2.0.2 questions?
[19:08] <MichaelH> Expected ship?
[19:08] <rboren> This week maybe.
[19:08] <MichaelH> Thanks.
[19:09] <rboren> Lot's of people are traveling for SxSW...
[19:09] <rboren> So we might put it off a bit so everyone can settle.
[19:10] <MichaelH> Here's the comment about security review in the forums: http://wordpress.org/support/topic/64071?replies=2
[19:10] <rboren> I think he asked some folks with security expertise to look it over.
[19:10] <rboren> I don't know the details.
[19:11] <rboren> He's trapped in a meeting right now.
[19:12] <MichaelH> Ok
[19:12] <rboren> Show and tell time?
[19:12] <rboren> Who's working on a fun WP project?
[19:12] <MichaelH> Most of Codex available in MediaWiki 1.5.7 http://comox.textdrive.com/pipermail/wp-docs/2006-March/001307.html
[19:13] <rboren> Nice.
[19:13] * Joins: mahangu
[19:14] * Joins: Podz
[19:14] <rboren> Anyone else? ringmaster, skeltoac: You guys are always working on something.
[19:14] <ringmaster> I've been sick this weekend.  :(
[19:15] <ringmaster> So just a new theme for my own site between coughing up a lung.  :)
[19:15] <gsnedders> I've got myalgic encephalomyelitis :(
[19:15] * ringmaster fears gsnedders' disease.
[19:15] <gsnedders> :P
[19:16] <skeltoac> http://andy.wordpress.com/2006/03/08/widgets-user-interface-and-api
[19:16] <skeltoac> For once I came up with a UI that I like.
[19:16] <rboren> :-)
[19:16] <rboren> I leave UI to others.
[19:17] <gsnedders> heh. I can design good UIs, but I can't make it look nice :)
[19:17] <rboren> I can't do either.
[19:18] <skeltoac> When you can code like you can, you don't worry about it :)
[19:18] <gsnedders> I can't design anything.
[19:18] <ringmaster> So... I'm still trying to figure out how this widget thing works. Can you just put HTML in it or what?
[19:18] <skeltoac> ringmaster: I'll let you peek at the source code. PM?
[19:18] <ringmaster> k.
[19:19] <rboren> As for me, I've got the Secure Admin plugin working pretty well.
[19:19] <rboren> SSL to your admin pages...
[19:19] <rboren> Encrypted cookies.
[19:21] <ringmaster> I haven't had a chance to check it out yet, but I have a question: Will it work with cross-domain SSL? For example...
[19:21] <ringmaster> If my site is at http://example.com/ but I use the SSL at https://myhostsserver/~example/ will it still work?
[19:22] <rboren> Right now it's pretty simplistic, so probably not.
[19:22] <rboren> Should be able to work that in though.
[19:23] <ringmaster> This is a common scenario with hosts like Site5, and would be pretty useful.
[19:23] <rboren> Yes.
[19:24] <rboren> http://flickr.com/photos/photomatt/108941869/
[19:24] <rboren> T-Shirts
[19:24] <rboren> Every project has to have schwag.
[19:24] <ringmaster> Spiffy.  :)
[19:25] * gsnedders wonders whether to get one...
[19:25] * gsnedders wonders if I'm _that_ geeky :P
[19:26] <gsnedders> I'd probably need a small :D
[19:27] * gsnedders needs to put on some weight, and be less underweight
[19:27] <gsnedders> maybe move my computer into the kitchen :D
[19:28] <gsnedders> wow. gone real quiet.
[19:28] <rboren> Thinking of food. :-)
[19:28] * PotterSys wants to sell some pounds to gsnedders :P
[19:29] <gsnedders> rboren, well, I guess it's time for me to watch the news, grab something to eat, then go to sleep
[19:29] <gsnedders> g'night all!
[19:29] <rboren> g'night
[19:29] * Quits: gsnedders
[19:29] <rboren> Anything else to discuss?
[19:29] <Podz> can i ask something about 1.5.3 ?
[19:30] <rboren> Fire away.
[19:30] <Podz> will it be a full package or just set of replacement files ? The latter could be good ?
[19:31] <rboren> We can list the changed files so people can pick and choose, if they like.
[19:31] <Podz> the latter would encourage upgrading but let us die-hards stay where we are
[19:31] <rboren> We can also provide a diff for those who know patch.
[19:32] <Podz> it's just if 1.5 is to not branch away, then a files only download would help keep things focussed on 2
[19:32] <Podz> maybe :)
[19:32] <Podz> nut my main reason for asking was forum support. Two releases = lots of questions from existing 1.5 users
[19:33] <rboren> Encourage 2.02 but say here's 1.5.3 if you just can't let go.
[19:33] <rboren> 1.5.3 still allows all users to post unfiltered html.
[19:34] <rboren> Backporting that from 2.0 would turn 1.5 into 2.0.
[19:34] <rboren> Which defeats the point of providing a 1.5 update.
[19:34] <Podz> and that's fair enough
[19:35] <rboren> Those who allow anyone to register should upgrade to 2.0.
[19:35] <Podz> That'll be made clear - ta for that
[19:36] <Podz> eta ? roughly ?
[19:36] <rboren> At the same time as 2.0.2, probably. I think we have one more fix to backport.
[19:37] <Podz> minutes ? tomorrow ?
[19:37] <rboren> Let's say look for both in the next several days. Could be sooner.
[19:37] <Podz> need to write the forum posts and tell mods
[19:37] <Podz> okay :) thanks
[19:37] <rboren> Feedback on the 2.0.2 release candidates has been almost non-existent.
[19:38] <rboren> So I'm trying to browbeat people into testing before we release.
[19:39] <Podz> which must be annoying
[19:39] <rboren> It's a typical problem. Most testing doesn't happen until after release...
[19:39] <rboren> because everyone understandably wants to wait for the final.
[19:40] <ringmaster> Having a better idea of what to test might be helpful.
[19:40] <rboren> I posted the bug list.
[19:40] * Quits: mahangu ("Leaving"�)
[19:40] * ringmaster looks around, and wonders how he missed that.
[19:40] * Quits: stevecooley
[19:41] <rboren> And in most cases, people just loading it up and using it is very helpful.
[19:42] <rboren> Anyhow, I've got one of my testbeds running 2.0.2.
[19:42] <rboren> Tested the security vulnerabilities.
[19:42] <rboren> Did installs and upgrade from 2.0.1.
[19:42] <rboren> Imported 500 posts from both MT and LiveJournal.
[19:43] <rboren> Kicked the tires and so on.
[19:43] <rboren> Works for me. :-)
[19:43] <rboren> But then it always does.
[19:44] <rboren> Alright, any 2.1 talk?
[19:44] <Podz> with the current testing setup, that's all you can do - and then we do our bit :)
[19:45] <rboren> I'm cleaning up the template functions...
[19:45] <rboren> wp_dropdown_*(), wp_list_*()...
[19:46] <rboren> Adding more options, cleaning up the backend stuff.
[19:46] <rboren> Deprecating lots of crufty functions.
[19:46] <ringmaster> cruft--
[19:46] <rboren> They have been moved to deprecated.php so we can see just what is deprecated.
[19:47] <rboren> masquerade continued on ringmaster's cron work...
[19:47] <MichaelH> When does deprecated become GONE from the code base?
[19:47] <rboren> Probably never. There are no plans at present to remove any of them.
[19:48] <rboren> If we get a huge pile of them that ones deprecated longest ago might be removed.
[19:48] <rboren> We could always put them in a separate include and pull them in if someone defines a "USE_DEPRECATED" flag.
[19:48] <rboren> But that's all future. Right now they are staying.
[19:49] <MichaelH> Darn was looking forward to cutting something out of Codex ;)
[19:50] <rboren> Well, we could separate documentation for deprecated functions and make it clear that these are going extinct and shouldn't be used.
[19:50] <_johannes> would be great
[19:50] <rboren> Most of the functions that were in links.php are now deprecated.
[19:50] <rboren> Following the link management cleanup...
[19:50] <rboren> Which is still ongoing...
[19:51] <rboren> Design is in flux since some don't like the Category consolidation.
[19:51] <rboren> That conversation kind of evaporated though.
[19:52] <_johannes> how much developers approximately are working on Wordpress?
[19:52] <rboren> One feature still in the works is allowing all links or posts in a given category to be hidden.
[19:52] <rboren> http://wordpress.org/about/
[19:52] <ringmaster> I don't get why the cat consolidation happened, but I can live with it.
[19:52] <_johannes> many :-)
[19:52] <rboren> Regular developers are listed there.
[19:52] <rboren> But there are many more who contribute now and then.
[19:53] <rboren> ringmaster: We could add a category_type field to separate them out if people prefer that.
[19:53] <rboren> I like having them consolidated, but that's just me...
[19:54] <ringmaster> They're all in one table now, though? Didn't I see a links2cat discussion somewhere?
[19:54] <rboren> I'm probably influence by the amount of code I got to remove by doing that.
[19:54] <rboren> Yes, links2cat.
[19:54] <rboren> They share categories but we keep separate counts for links and posts.
[19:55] <skeltoac> bookmarks2cat ;-)
[19:55] <rboren> I left "links" in all of the deep backend stuff.
[19:55] <MichaelH> and bookmarks2pages coming soon ;)
[19:55] <skeltoac> hehe
[19:55] <rboren> Especially since we may change it all again if people hate the way it is now.
[19:56] <ringmaster> I'm confused, and I'm not subscribed to the trac feed (where's that, anyway?) to know what the heck I'm talking about.
[19:56] <rboren> Links can now have more than 1 category, for people who like that.
[19:56] <rboren> Excuse me, bookmarks can...
[19:56] <skeltoac> ringmaster: http://lists.automattic.com
[19:56] <MichaelH> or http://lists.automattic.com/mailman/listinfo/wp-trac
[19:57] <rboren> Basically, when you go to Manage->Categories, you will see that categories can be assigned to both bookmarks and posts.
[19:57] <rboren> We show the number of bookmarks and the number of posts for each page.
[19:57] <rboren> When you add a link, you have the Add Category stuff in the form, same as with posts.
[19:58] <rboren> So you can create a cat on the fly.
[19:58] <rboren> Personally, I never look at Manage->Categories.
[19:58] <ringmaster> What bugged me at first was seeing the categories I use for bookmarks on the Write Post page.
[19:58] <rboren> I create cats while assigning them to posts and bookmarks from the create pages.
[19:59] <rboren> Yes. There is that. If you don't overlap between the two, you get lots of extra.
[19:59] <rboren> Which could be solved with a "type" field in the category table.
[19:59] <rboren> If we want to go that route.
[19:59] <MichaelH> Don't know if you want to go back to unconsolidated cats after all the hard work so +1 on the category_type if necessary.
[20:00] <rboren> My link and post cats overlapped quite a bit...
[20:00] <ringmaster> I solved the "problem" by moving all of my bookmark cats into a Links top-level cat.
[20:00] * ringmaster shrugs.
[20:00] <rboren> To me, they're all just tags to assign.
[20:01] <rboren> I don't care if they all show up in the same list.
[20:01] <rboren> But, we can hash it out.
[20:02] <rboren> Anything else?
[20:03] <skeltoac> SxSW!
[20:03] <skeltoac> I don't have anything else.
[20:03] <ringmaster> WIsh I still had vacation time left, or I'd be there.  :(
[20:04] <rboren> Automattic will be there stealing ideas, when we're not drunk.
[20:04] <ringmaster> So, basically no ideas will be stolen?
[20:04] <skeltoac> Why not when we're drunk?
[20:05] <rboren> I get and steal my best ideas when drunk.
[20:05] <rboren> And others give up their ideas when drunk.
[20:05] <skeltoac> Mmm, Pinot Noir.
[20:06] <rboren> Indeed.
[20:06] <skeltoac> Looks like a closing tag is in order.
[20:06] <rboren> Yep, why don't do it.
[20:06] <rboren> why don't you do it.
[20:06] <ringmaster> Drunk already.
[20:06] <rboren> :-)
[20:06] <skeltoac> </meetup>
[20:06] <skeltoac> Damn WYSIWYG ;-)
[20:07] <rboren> Raquo was here.
[20:07] <skeltoac> haha
[20:07] <skeltoac> </meetup>
[20:07] <PotterSys> lol
[20:07] <MichaelH> thanks.


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