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IRC Meetups/2006/March/March15RawLog

[5:11 PM] <MichaelH> <meetup>
[5:12 PM] <davidhouse> i haven't been told anything.
[5:12 PM] <davidhouse> is photomatt not around?
[5:12 PM] <Podz> I pinged
[5:13 PM] <Podz> I have a zip of the /wp-admin /wp-includes and root files from svn. I was going to link to that so the 'beta' can be tested by people if they wish. I've used it now for a week without any problem and I;d hate it to not be released due to no testing
[5:13 PM] <Podz> an official link would be better though .....
[5:13 PM] <davidhouse> yes.
[5:13 PM] <davidhouse> is this mark's/robert's package?
[5:14 PM] <Podz> errr..............
[5:14 PM] <Podz> so 153 _IS_ official ? 100% ?
[5:15 PM] <davidhouse> come again? i was asking whether you were talking about MarkJaquith's/masquerade's security fixes to the 1.5 branch to make a 1.5.3 package
[5:16 PM] <Podz> I don't know. I would like to know if 153 will be released and when the beta is up for wider testing.
[5:16 PM] <davidhouse> actually, ryan backported a patch into the 1.5 branch the other day. looks security-related.
[5:16 PM] <Podz> I will link to it for such testing - I have the file ready to go.
[5:17 PM] <mikelittle> davidhouse: Yes, that was the last one. Re: wp-register.php
[5:17 PM] <Podz> but i would like matt to link to it - though i don't see that happening.
[5:17 PM] <MichaelH> Podz: do you have that link now?
[5:17 PM] <Podz> for the beta zip I have ?
[5:17 PM] <MichaelH> yes.
[5:17 PM] <Podz> it's in zenspace - I'll need to go find it
[5:19 PM] <MichaelH> Podz: how's the response been on the Forums to 2.0.2. Any issues you can think of?
[5:20 PM] <Podz> not enough permissions
[5:20 PM] <Podz> the cache continues to cause problems
[5:21 PM] <Podz> otherwise I can't think of specifics but they remain busy - as they should
[5:21 PM] <davidhouse> didn't we disable the cache already?
[5:22 PM] <Podz> no idea - but I still have to say it
[5:22 PM] <MichaelH> Seems 2.0.2 doesn't even create a cache folder so the cache problem is leftover from 2.0 or what?
[5:24 PM] <Podz> yep. Not everyone has upgraded I suppose
[5:25 PM] <MichaelH> can someone speak to the permission issue Podz mentioned?
[5:25 PM] <MichaelH> or is that a dead horse?
[5:26 PM] <Podz> http://wordpress.org/support/topic/65101?replies=1
[5:26 PM] <mikelittle> I recently installed a brand new version 2.0.2 (monday night) and don't recall any problems with the cache. In fact it seemed to be turned off. Though maybe WP detected the setup couldn't support it?
[5:27 PM] <davidhouse> mikelittle: using safe mode?
[5:27 PM] <mikelittle> I'm not sure I'll have to check. It was someone else's server and a quick experiment...
[5:31 PM] <MichaelH> Podz: guess you'd need the Version on that 65101 topic...
[5:32 PM] <mikelittle> No, safe mode is off. php 4.4.2, apache 1.3.34 FreeBSD 6.1
[5:33 PM] <davidhouse> okay. guess it's disabled then
[5:36 PM] <Podz> it's like I have said before - forum support is now lagging more behind the code. It's getting much harder to keep as many people happy. We are failing to answer a lot of people and that is not due to traffic - we have more regulars now - but because of knowledge.
[5:36 PM] <davidhouse> so what do you want done?
[5:37 PM] <Podz> there's nothing that can be done :)
[5:37 PM] <Podz> It's the way it is.
[5:37 PM] <davidhouse> if it's information you need, information can be provided.
[5:37 PM] <davidhouse> there are people other than the committors who know what's going on with the code
[5:37 PM] <davidhouse> and we have the codex and mailing lists
[5:38 PM] <Podz> more code-savvy helpers would be good, as would docs but that all ties into what many keep saying about formal releases
[5:38 PM] <Podz> davidhouse, I have posted to the lists and had answers in the lists. Some people are deathly allergic to forum posting.
[5:39 PM] <Podz> but this isn't a go at anyone.But the forums are the public face of WP - and we are failing more people.
[5:39 PM] <Podz> I'm just saying :)
[5:41 PM] <MichaelH> Should forum helpers be asking hard to answer questions on the hackers list?
[5:41 PM] <MichaelH> or is that a no no.
[5:41 PM] <davidhouse> Podz certainly used to do that
[5:41 PM] <davidhouse> did it get results?
[5:42 PM] <Podz> sometimes. I have done that - and been got at for that - for a long time. I just want people to be helped
[5:43 PM] <Podz> case in point: I flag this, we all see it, no-one posts.... http://wordpress.org/support/topic/65101?replies=1 so I did.
[5:44 PM] <Podz> but this isn't a go. really.
[5:44 PM] <mdawaffe> so did I
[5:45 PM] <Podz> I'm just trying to say that we cannot now answer like we used to. A better release cycle would help hugely but I think a certain point has been passed ? Some sort of release/adoption/support point where things start to not be so great. Other projects must have had them.
[5:47 PM] <MichaelH> Yeah and if you have 3 versions of 2.x it is hard...
[5:48 PM] <mdawaffe> There should be only one supported version of 2.x
[5:48 PM] <mdawaffe> (1.5.x may be a different story)
[5:48 PM] <davidhouse> ooh, mdawaffe: the ajax admin stuff. have you done enough so i can work on that dialog box ticket?
[5:48 PM] <mdawaffe> I know that statement doesn't help the actiual probsem, though
[5:49 PM] <mdawaffe> davidhouse: yeah
[5:49 PM] <davidhouse> cool
[5:49 PM] <MichaelH> I keep seeing people using Fantastico and 2.0.1 is installed.
[5:49 PM] <mdawaffe> That's no good :)
[5:49 PM] <MichaelH> So that's getting the hosts to get the new version, right?
[5:50 PM] <Podz> I know a host which offers b2 as a 1-click install still :)
[5:50 PM] <Usayd> sweet
[5:50 PM] <Podz> honest!
[5:50 PM] <mdawaffe> MichaelH: yeah, any host providing WP2 should be providing 2.0.2
[5:51 PM] <mdawaffe> No idea, though, on how to get them to do that
[5:51 PM] <Usayd> yeah site5 fantastico = 2.0.1
[5:52 PM] <MichaelH> Just get the host name from the forum visitor and then email the host, or have Matt bug them, or...
[5:52 PM] <mikelittle> Gotta go
[5:52 PM] <--| mikelittle has left #wordpress-meetup
[5:53 PM] <Usayd> http://www.netenberg.com/contact.php
[5:54 PM] <Usayd> Actually; http://www.netenberg.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1413
[5:54 PM] <Usayd> its already there
[5:55 PM] <Podz> MichaelH, http://www.zen77857.zen.co.uk/files/
[5:56 PM] <MichaelH> Podz: thanks.
[5:56 PM] <MichaelH> So if anyone that is at the meetup, or reads the log, please ask your host to put a current version for 'delivery' with Fantastico.
[5:57 PM] <Podz> mdawaffe, nice to see you back by the way :)
[5:58 PM] <mdawaffe> Podz: not much time these days, but thanks :)
[5:58 PM] <MichaelH> mdawaffe: Can you say something about the work on the ticket davidhouse mentioned http://trac.wordpress.org/ticket/2561?
[5:58 PM] <mdawaffe> nice to see you again as well
[5:59 PM] <mdawaffe> What would you like me to say?
[5:59 PM] <Usayd> I'll check how far behind Netfirms are with WordPress
[5:59 PM] <mdawaffe> I'm trying to better abstroct the ajax javascript so that it can be used eaily in many places around WP admi
[6:00 PM] <mdawaffe> (and I can't type)
[6:00 PM] <mdawaffe> so the admin UI will be hopefully a little more "live" and have fewer page reloads
[6:01 PM] <davidhouse> have a nice rest of meeting everyone.
[6:01 PM] <--| davidhouse has left #wordpress-meetup ("Kopete 0.10.4 : http://kopete.kde.org")
[6:01 PM] <mdawaffe> MichaelH: anything in particular you wanted to know?
[6:01 PM] <MichaelH> Sounds great mdawaffe!
[6:02 PM] <Usayd> emailed netfirms
[6:02 PM] <MichaelH> Usayd: thanks, I'll verify with ASO.
[6:04 PM] <MichaelH> Anything else we can cover?
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[6:14 PM] <MichaelH> ok then, thanks to everyone taking the time to show up.
[6:15 PM] |<-- stevecooley has left irc.freenode.net ()
[6:15 PM] <MichaelH> </meetup>


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