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IRC Meetups/2006/March/March22RawLog

[5:03 PM] <photomatt> <meetup>
[5:03 PM] <photomatt> two proposed topics, both from podz
[5:03 PM] <photomatt> who isn't here right now
[5:04 PM] -->| masquerade (n=masquera@c-68-49-145-242.hsd1.de.comcast.net) has joined #wordpress-meetup
[5:04 PM] <mumbles> i have a question i want to add onto the end as well.
[5:04 PM] <shep> here he comes
[5:04 PM] <photomatt> mumbles: just edit the wiki page
[5:04 PM] -->| Podz (n=Podz@82-71-7-36.dsl.in-addr.zen.co.uk) has joined #wordpress-meetup
[5:04 PM] <photomatt> Podz!!!
[5:04 PM] <photomatt> let's get the party started then
[5:04 PM] <mumbles> wonders if he can remember his codex pass
[5:05 PM] <Podz> party? cool
[5:05 PM] <mumbles> Firefox can't find the server at codex.wordpress.org. /me hates his dns
[5:05 PM] <photomatt> first question: beta or RC of 1.5.3
[5:05 PM] <masquerade> RC, I think beta implies new features and unfinished development
[5:06 PM] <masquerade> RC means its nearly done, just making sure its okay
[5:06 PM] <photomatt> http://trac.wordpress.org/changeset/3628
[5:06 PM] <photomatt> we can just move it to release if enough people test it
[5:06 PM] <photomatt> not that much has changed
[5:06 PM] <mumbles> hands up who cant reach the codex ?
[5:06 PM] <masquerade> mumbles, fine here
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[5:07 PM] <masquerade> I tested all the major patches that were thrown against it before sending it off to ryan, so there's at least one successful test
[5:07 PM] <photomatt> there hasn't really been the interest in 1.5 that we expected, it seems
[5:07 PM] <Podz> I like it :)
[5:07 PM] <shep> heh
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[5:08 PM] <masquerade> photomatt, how are you guaging that? I've seen nothing announced or no discussion outside -dev on 1.5...
[5:08 PM] <Podz> I've got the changed files in 5 installs with no issues
[5:08 PM] -->| Aubrey|work (n=chatzill@c-71-193-96-134.hsd1.in.comcast.net) has joined #wordpress-meetup
[5:08 PM] <photomatt> okay, so what's next?
[5:09 PM] <Podz> forum work - but you are starting on that ?
[5:10 PM] <photomatt> yep, I moved wp.org to a new better server this morning and last night
[5:10 PM] <photomatt> it seems to be faster
[5:10 PM] <photomatt> the painful stuff is going to be bringing downloads.wp.org and mu.wp.org up to date
[5:10 PM] <photomatt> both are pretty out of date
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[5:10 PM] <photomatt> I also fixed a lot of permalink problems we had
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[5:11 PM] <photomatt> made some new redirects to the codex where appropriate
[5:11 PM] <photomatt> what are the top priority forum items?
[5:11 PM] <Podz> paging and feeds
[5:12 PM] <Podz> and favourites
[5:12 PM] <photomatt> I fixed bugs in both
[5:12 PM] <photomatt> are they still broken? example links?
[5:13 PM] <Podz> checking and it looks great !
[5:13 PM] <photomatt> okay, I think I fixed that a few days ago, I don't remember exactly
[5:14 PM] <Podz> I don't use feeds but I'll assume they are all good too. Great work - thanks:)
[5:16 PM] <Podz> user history does not page correctly - but that wasn't high on user complaints
[5:18 PM] <MichaelH> So here http://wordpress.org/support/profile/1 only 30 replies can be viewed. Too bad..
[5:19 PM] <photomatt> has there ever been paging there?
[5:19 PM] <MichaelH> I thought there was.
[5:19 PM] <photomatt> I don't think that's a server bug, I don't think it was ever there
[5:19 PM] <Podz> there used to be I'm sure
[5:19 PM] <Podz> might be wrong. It's not hassle. that latest 30 of each is enough
[5:20 PM] <MichaelH> Not really...
[5:20 PM] <photomatt> MichaelH: why?
[5:20 PM] <MichaelH> I know Podz answered something before but just where is it?
[5:21 PM] <MichaelH> Or I remember a cool Kaf trick but where is it?
[5:21 PM] -->| PotterSys (i=PotterSy@232-163-222-201.adsl.terra.cl) has joined #wordpress-meetup
[5:21 PM] <MichaelH> Or I know I answered this but where is it?
[5:22 PM] <MichaelH> If you answer more than a few questions each day they blow off the board real quick!
[5:22 PM] <photomatt> could the forum search.php help there?
[5:22 PM] <photomatt> the one we don't advertise
[5:22 PM] <Podz> true - I can do 30 in a day easily but then won't most use Google? Or favourites?
[5:23 PM] <MichaelH> Search is the only thing available...
[5:25 PM] <MichaelH> Leave correct paging on the To Do List. No replies needs correct paging also, can only see last 10 hours.
[5:25 PM] <Podz> I never remember thread titles, just phrases in the answers I want - so I hit google
[5:25 PM] <photomatt> okay, I'll look into bringing paging (back?) to those pages
[5:25 PM] <photomatt> speaking of search, we're a few days into the new search, has it had any change on the forums?
[5:27 PM] <Podz> apart from the comments on your thread, not a lot - so thats a plus then
[5:28 PM] <photomatt> haha
[5:28 PM] <photomatt> is volume up or down?
[5:28 PM] <photomatt> no change?
[5:28 PM] <Podz> no change or slightly down
[5:29 PM] <photomatt> some really good stuff was submitted to the custom results system
[5:29 PM] <Podz> no spammers ?
[5:29 PM] <photomatt> none yet
[5:29 PM] <photomatt> I'll see if I can compile some of the top searches and send it to the forums list
[5:29 PM] <Podz> where does that info come out at?
[5:30 PM] <photomatt> where do they show up? above results
[5:30 PM] <--| photomatt has left #wordpress-meetup
[5:30 PM] -->| photomatt (n=matt@pdpc/supporter/bronze/photomatt) has joined #wordpress-meetup
[5:30 PM] <photomatt> http://wordpress.org/search/themes
[5:31 PM] <photomatt> as that evolves I think it could be really powerful
[5:32 PM] <photomatt> search is like the command line of the web
[5:32 PM] <Podz> ah - I meant the submissions. I agree
[5:32 PM] <photomatt> speaking of, maybe we could build in some shortcuts
[5:32 PM] <photomatt> like #1212 redirects you to trac bug 1212
[5:33 PM] <photomatt> g search could redirect you to google "site:wordpress.org search"
[5:34 PM] <Podz> it would be good if the search could order by number. Higher first
[5:34 PM] <photomatt> I don't think we could do that with the search APIs
[5:35 PM] <photomatt> you mean to show newest stuff first?
[5:35 PM] <Podz> http://wordpress.org/support/topic/66034?replies=4 would come ahead of http://wordpress.org/support/topic/1000 for the same search
[5:35 PM] <--| shep has left #wordpress-meetup
[5:35 PM] <MichaelH> Good point Podz.
[5:35 PM] <Podz> 2.x searching that starts showing 1.x results will annoy people fastest.
[5:37 PM] <photomatt> http://wordpress.org/search/do-search.php?search=g+podz
[5:38 PM] <photomatt> that was pretty easy
[5:38 PM] <Podz> I suppose we also need to start skewing results for us by putting in the types of things we find and then finding the best answers
[5:38 PM] <photomatt> Podz: I know you use google a lot, maybe that'll be a shortcut
[5:38 PM] <Podz> I use my little firefox plugin too :)
[5:38 PM] <photomatt> Podz: yes the custom results could be used to put the best thread on top
[5:39 PM] <photomatt> really any result we think isn't very good
[5:39 PM] <photomatt> wow, "Podz at Amazon.com"
[5:40 PM] <photomatt> "Looking for Podz? Find exactly what you want at eBay"
[5:40 PM] <photomatt> I'm gonna order 2
[5:40 PM] <Podz> scary!
[5:40 PM] <masquerade> I already have three
[5:40 PM] <photomatt> btw, the amazon link goes to amazon.com/gourmet
[5:42 PM] <photomatt> anyway, let's just keep improvements there in mind
[5:42 PM] <Podz> coffee........ feedster filters those out of searches :p
[5:43 PM] <photomatt> anything else to cover for this meetup?
[5:44 PM] <masquerade> oh, I've got one
[5:44 PM] <photomatt> masquerade: shoot
[5:44 PM] <masquerade> How about a trac bot for -dev, one that just announces when there's changes to tickets (ala #madwifi) and such
[5:44 PM] <mumbles> my qestion - what about denoting money for wp cause, and is there a wordpress store going up , to buy tsherts and stuff .
[5:45 PM] <photomatt> masquerade: I'm fine with that
[5:45 PM] <photomatt> the non-profit application for WP is underway, but until that's done donations still go into my paypal acount. we don't need any donations for anything now which is why I removed the link from the menu
[5:46 PM] <mumbles> Also - whats the status on the legal side of things?
[5:46 PM] <photomatt> once the non-profit is done we'll do a little fundraiser drive, as a certain number of people donating is required to show "public interest" in the organization
[5:47 PM] <photomatt> as for shirts, that'll have to be separate because non-profits can't partake in any activities for profit, and some have gotten in trouble for things like shirts
[5:47 PM] <photomatt> so the "wp store" will be run by automattic, most likely things will be at cost or close
[5:48 PM] <photomatt> probably not totally at cost so people paying can cover giveaways
[5:48 PM] <photomatt> does that cover your question?
[5:48 PM] <mumbles> yes it dose. thanks photomatt
[5:49 PM] <photomatt> I don't claim to understand it all, but it's being handled by the same firm that helps with OSAF and mozilla, so I assume they know what they're talking about :)
[5:53 PM] <photomatt> any other questions? the floor is open
[5:54 PM] <skeltoac> Anybody interested in trying out Widgets before I blog it? I'd appreciate feedback.
[5:54 PM] <PotterSys> could I try?
[5:54 PM] <rboren> Ship it.
[5:55 PM] <skeltoac> http://skeltoac.com/widgets.tar.gz
[5:55 PM] <skeltoac> or http://svn.wp-plugins.org/widgets/trunk
[5:58 PM] <photomatt> skeltoac: what's cool about it?
[5:58 PM] <skeltoac> Not much :)
[5:58 PM] <skeltoac> Sorry, I thought everyone knew already.
[5:59 PM] <skeltoac> Widgets are for what Lorelle calls "accessorizing" your sidebar.
[6:00 PM] <skeltoac> Two little edits to your theme, and then you can drag and drop things all up and down your sidebar. skeltoac The widgets themselves are pretty easy to make and I've included a couple of documented plugins that add some simple widgets as examples.
[6:00 PM] <skeltoac> The hope is that people will write their own widgets and share them.
[6:01 PM] <photomatt> cool :)
[6:01 PM] <photomatt> alright, let's wrap it up
[6:01 PM] <photomatt> thanks everybody for coming
[6:01 PM] <photomatt> </meetup>


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