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IRC Meetups/2006/May/May03RawLog

[17:00] <photomatt_lap> howdy folks
[17:00] <photomatt_lap> <meetup>
[17:00] * Joins: ringmaster
[17:00] * Quits: gsnedders
[17:01] <photomatt_lap> let's keep today extra-short
[17:01] <photomatt_lap> I'm in ireland so I know what you GMT folks feel about the time ;)
[17:01] <Podz_> LOL - about time too
[17:01] <photomatt_lap> we have nothing on the agenda, so unless anyone has any pressing items, we can probably just call it a week
[17:02] <ringmaster> Nonces seem committed. Please test.
[17:02] * Joins: rboren
[17:03] * Joins: skeltoac
[17:03] <photomatt_lap> anything else?
[17:03] <photomatt_lap> the nonce code looks good
[17:04] <rboren> Working well for me.
[17:04] * Joins: undersigned
[17:04] <skeltoac> I upgraded and didn't even notice, so I guess it's all good for me :)
[17:04] <ringmaster> Cool.
[17:04] <photomatt_lap> cool :)
[17:05] <photomatt_lap> alright, anything before we conclude?
[17:05] <undersigned> :0)
[17:05] <photomatt_lap> the world's shortest WP meetup
[17:05] <stevecooley> jeesh, what am I going to do with the rest of my hour, haha
[17:05] <stevecooley> get back to work, I suppose :)
[17:05] <undersigned> can i quickly add someting about the theme viewer
[17:05] <rboren> I was one minute late and missed most of it.
[17:05] <rboren> :-)
[17:06] <rboren> In conclusion, nonce = cool.
[17:06] <skeltoac> So, who's going out for BBQ?
[17:06] <rboren> I'm going out for treadmill.
[17:06] <ringmaster> Dude. Don't taunt those of us that can't go out for BBQ with your BBQ-ish notions.
[17:07] <undersigned> i have moved the uploading system from the theme park to the theme viewer, and everything works perfectly. Ive created a batch uploading function, and by using that ive uploaded 427 different themes
[17:07] <stevecooley> holy crap, that's awesome Undersigned
[17:08] <photomatt_lap> undersigned: nice!
[17:08] <undersigned> they are uploaded in 4 different categories, 1, 2, 3 and 4 columns
[17:08] <undersigned> they need to be tagged some time
[17:08] <photomatt_lap> so sweet
[17:08] <photomatt_lap> so everything is working out already on the theme front?
[17:09] <undersigned> shadow and i are talking about a few things.. when uploading a theme, selecting if the theme is 1 2 3 or 4 columns, and selecting 5 additional keywords, from a predefined list, and selecting the dominating color
[17:10] <stevecooley> dominating colors being additional tags?
[17:10] <undersigned> and then comments should be enabled, where people can give a theme from 1 to 5 stars, but only if they comment on the same time. "Rate and explain you rated it 5 stars"-alike
[17:10] <undersigned> stevecooley: yea, but making a specific drop down box for color, so every theme gets a color added as tag
[17:10] <stevecooley> ah, ok, that sounds awesome
[17:10] <undersigned> photomatt_lap: everything is working out, quite quickly as well.. the next step is designing it
[17:11] <undersigned> ive stolen the wp.org design and quickly made a gallery view, on the dev-viewer
[17:11] <undersigned> if anyone care to see all the themes ;)
[17:11] <stevecooley> undersigned, would ratings go on the slideshow screen?
[17:11] <stevecooley> or something new maybe
[17:12] <undersigned> stevecooley: i suppose we would want to show the rating, download link and permalink on all possible views..
[17:12] <undersigned> stevecooley: but it should only be possible to rate themes on their respective information site..
[17:13] * Joins: mdawaffe
[17:13] <undersigned> http://themes.wordpress.net/dev/ <- sorry for ripping the wp.org design, just needed something..
[17:13] <stevecooley> ok, sounds really cool... some interesting problems to solve for, but it sounds like it's going to rock
[17:13] <undersigned> thats all the 427 links, batch uploaded, snapshots made in 3 different sizes automatically
[17:13] <undersigned> theme informations taken from style.css
[17:21] <photomatt_lap> and on that note
[17:21] <photomatt_lap> </meetup>

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