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IRC Meetups/2006/May/May17RawLog

[17:05] <rboren> I think Matt is on a plane, so this looks like all of us.
[17:07] <rboren> Anyone have anything?
[17:07] <PotterSys> anyone knows what happened in last week meetup?
[17:08] <mumbles> PotterSys i can provide al og
[17:08] <mumbles> but nothing happernd
[17:08] * Joins: skeltoac_lappy
[17:08] <rboren> skeltoac_lappy: Tell us something interesting.
[17:08] <PotterSys> mumbles: "that's typical"
[17:09] <skeltoac_lappy> rboren: I just had the best roast beef sandwich.
[17:09] <mumbles> damm looks like my keybord is running out of battoyes
[17:10] <skeltoac_lappy> I'm rewriting Magpie.
[17:10] <rboren> nonces are in trunk and 2.0. Shuttle went public.
[17:11] <rboren> wpmu trunk got a big update.
[17:11] <skeltoac_lappy> Canvas is pretty neat. I'm going to lean on those guys to release it as GPL. CC by-nc-sa annoys me.
[17:11] <rboren> CC for code? Yuck.
[17:12] <gsnedders> Canvas?
[17:12] <skeltoac_lappy> http://freshpursuits.com/canvas/
[17:13] <skeltoac_lappy> I sent them a long email of praise, criticism and complaints not long ago. We'll see what we get.
[17:13] <mumbles> i still havent receved the downlod bit so i havent had a go with it yet
[17:13] <mumbles> but i will do as soon as i have it
[17:13] <skeltoac_lappy> I downloaded it this morning.
[17:14] <skeltoac_lappy> They do some great things with Scriptaculous.
[17:14] <gsnedders> skeltoac_lappy: and why rewrite Magpie?
[17:15] <skeltoac_lappy> gsnedders: because it doesn't understand half of RSS 2.0 and ATOM 1.0.
[17:15] <skeltoac_lappy> gsnedders: and because we need something we can hook into.
[17:16] <skeltoac_lappy> It's mostly done. Object hierarchies are so easy to write.
[17:17] * gsnedders hasn't really used Magpie in a long time...
[17:19] <stevecooley> you're rewriting magpie!! awesome!
[17:19] <stevecooley> (i'm a little slow today)
[17:19] <skeltoac_lappy> haha
[17:21] <gsnedders> I've been working on SimplePie over the past couple of days
[17:21] <tunicwriter> rboren: How's the spell checking stuff?
[17:21] * Joins: mikelittle
[17:22] <skeltoac_lappy> what does rboren have to do with spellcheck?
[17:22] <tunicwriter> He seemed to be the impromptu gavel holder of the meeting :P
[17:22] <skeltoac_lappy> ah :)
[17:23] <rboren> Spellchecker has been in trunk for awhile, thanks to skeltoac_lappy.
[17:23] * tunicwriter turns to skeltoac_lappy, then :P
[17:23] <rboren> What else is new? Ah yes, the exporter.
[17:24] <rboren> Matt wrote an exporter.
[17:24] <rboren> And we have a couple of new importers I need to commit.
[17:24] <PotterSys> the exporter works as a RSS 2 file with lots of vitamins, if anyone wants to know...
[17:25] <tunicwriter> so its an XML exporter?
[17:26] <PotterSys> i think yes
[17:35] <rboren> If that's all we have, let's adjourn.
[17:36] <rboren> Going once...
[17:36] <mumbles> think thats it
[17:36] <rboren> Alright.
[17:36] <stevecooley> adjourned'd!
[17:36] <rboren> </meetup>

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