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JHodgdon/Dev Doc To Dos

This page is a To Do list for the developer documentation in the WordPress Codex. It could include navigation problems (assuming a start at either Developer Documentation or Advanced Topics), individual articles that need some attention, or new articles that need to be written.

Suggestions are welcome! If you have suggestions of other things that need to be done, please email them to the wp-docs mailing list and I'll add them here. Or, you can edit this list directly. Or, you can send them directly to User:JHodgdon (see contact info on that page).

Help is definitely welcome! If you would like to work on a particular project, to avoid duplication of effort, please:

  • Join the wp-docs mailing list
  • Either email the mailing list to let the doc team you are working on the project, or note your participation below with a link to your user page and a brief description of what you plan to do (if appropriate).
  • Read Contributing to WordPress, or at least the section on contributing to the Codex, to learn about Codex style guidelines and such things.

Large Projects

These projects will probably not be completed by just one person, so please feel free to step in and do what you can. Sign up to let us know you are helping.

  • Function Reference
    • Add documentation pages for undocumented functions.
    • Possibly reorganize functions into better categories

Editing Projects

These articles are in need (or have been marked as in need) of copy-editing, reorganization, or expansion in general:

  • The Loop - note that there is another article called The Loop in Action that is more of a basic explanation; this article should be more technical. Possibly add additional articles on details of the loop?
  • Styling_Theme_Forms
  • Running_a_Development_Copy_of_WordPress
  • Hardening WordPress - Lorelle says: This is really, really controversial. I know it's not on your list, but security topics are and this is one of them. We need to clearly address the issue of security flaws and potential risks in WordPress, especially in WordPress Plugins, while not exposing flaws or potential "back doors" into WordPress. This is a big one and we really need to get a consensus and policy on how to write about this because it is SO important, while not opening a door we don't want open.

Writing Projects

These articles need to be written or are in process of being written:

  • Article on how to use custom templates and the template_redirect action in a plugin.
  • Something on internationalization when writing a Theme would be helpful...
  • User:DavidHouse/Wordpress_Code_Flow Per this Forum post request: http://wordpress.org/support/topic/33788 - documentation of the "flow" of WordPress (DavidHouse is working on it)
  • User:DavidHouse/Pluggable_Functions (also by DavidHouse)
  • Conditional Tags in Action -- lesson-style article that uses the conditional tags and includes in various methods, expanding upon the basic technical how to. Complement to the existing Conditional Tags article.
  • Codex:Tasks#Common_WordPress_Errors - From Lorelle: We really need a better listing of the most common WordPress errors with tips on how to fix them such as errors during installation, mysql errors, plugins not found errors...we need examples of what it looks like when the error occurs as people often don't have the words or language to describe the error, and then how to fix it. This would be excellent as a reference for the Support Forum.
  • Codex:Tasks#Foreign_Language_Characters From Lorelle: I don't know how "developer" this is, or if I should hand it off to someone on polygots, but we need some articles on handling foreign language characters in WordPress. WordPress now works well with right-to-left languages, but we need some technical articles on foreign language techniques. Recent surveys are indicating a huge demand in Japanese, Chinese, and other Asian blogs, so we need coverage in English on that so it can be translated by those support groups. Interested?
  • Do's and Don'ts for WordPress Plugins - From Lorelle: I'd love to see a very specific do's and don'ts for WordPress Plugin writers. I found some articles on Head Zoo (Writing a Wordpress Plugin and Plugin Tips and Tricks) that may be worth approaching the author for editing and inclusion in the Codex - or using some of the offerings for a new article. We really need some WordPress Lessons to help beginners learn to write WordPress Plugins as well as technical articles. It is the hottest growing area and we need to create some very strong standards and offer articles on how to avoid security holes, another big ickie.
  • From Lorelle: I haven't been through the Forum looking for article ideas for a while. Have you gone through the Advanced area to look for what is hot and the most popular technical topics brought up? This is our best tool for determining what we need in the Codex. It's critically important that the support volunteers have something to point to for redundant topics.