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Javascript Reference

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This page documents the JavaScript APIs available to WordPress plugin developers, and how to use them.

This article assumes you have already read Writing a Plugin, which gives an overview (and many details) of how to develop a plugin, and that you already have a firm understanding of object-oriented JavaScript.


Most of WordPress's JavaScript files can be found in two locations.

Global JavaScript
Scripts for use anywhere are located in wp-includes/js/
Admin JavaScript
Scripts for use in admin are located in wp-admin/js/

Core Admin Libraries

  • wp (object) - The namespace object for nearly all WordPress scripts
  • wp.media - Handles the interactive media library

3rd Party Libraries

The following 3rd party libraries are included with WordPress.

php Support Functions

Used to register a script with WordPress without enqueuing
Used to de-register a script with WordPress without enqueuing
Used to add a script to WordPress's rendering queue
Used to remove a script from WordPress's rendering queue
Determines the status of a script: whether it's been registered, enqueued, or printed/rendered.
Used to output PHP as JavaScript, typically so that JavaScript text can be localized.
Used to force all WordPress media-management assets to be loaded, generally used when you need to access the media scripts and libraries on screens where they are not automatically enqueued.