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Manage Backup SubPanel

Manage → Backup

On this SubPanel, if you have the WordPress Database Backup Plugin activated, you manage the backup of your WordPress Database.

Backup Tables

Core WordPress Tables

These core WordPress tables will always be backed up:

   * wp_comments
   * wp_links
   * wp_options
   * wp_postmeta
   * wp_posts
   * wp_terms
   * wp_term_relationships
   * wp_term_taxonomy
   * wp_usermeta
   * wp_users

Other WordPress Related Tables

In this section you can choose which of the Other WordPress Tables get backed up. These tables are typically created and maintained via Plugins. If you want a particular table backed up, then check the box next to that table name.

Backup Options

What to do with the backup file:

  *Save to server (wp-content/backup-xxxxx/) 
  *Download to your computer
  *Email backup to: