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Manage Import SubPanel

This article may be outdated and contain information pertaining to an older version of WordPress. Please take caution when following the procedure, as many things may have changed.

Manage → Import

Imporing data into your WordPress blog is many times, necessary and useful. If you are moving from another host, or just to start your blog anew, then import data into your blog may be the answer.

Remember that Importing Content has explicit details about most of the import choices listed below.

Manage Import SubPanel

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If you have posts or comments in another system, WordPress can import those into this blog. To get started, choose a system to import from below:

Import posts, comments, and users from a Blogger blog.
Import posts from Blogware.
Bunny’s Technorati Tags 
Import Bunny’s Technorati Tags into WordPress tags.
Categories to Tags Converter 
Convert existing categories to tags, selectively.
Import categories, users, posts, comments, and links from a DotClear blog.
Import users, posts, and comments from a Greymatter blog.
Jerome’s Keywords 
Import Jerome’s Keywords into WordPress tags.
Import posts from a LiveJournal XML export file.
Movable Type and TypePad 
Import posts and comments from a Movable Type or Typepad blog.
Import posts from an RSS feed.
Simple Tagging 
Import Simple Tagging tags into WordPress tags.
Import categories, users, posts, comments, and links from a Textpattern blog.
Ultimate Tag Warrior 
Import Ultimate Tag Warrior tags into WordPress tags.
Import posts, comments, custom fields, pages, and categories from a WordPress export file.

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