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Manage Links SubPanel

This article may be outdated and contain information pertaining to an older version of WordPress. Please take caution when following the procedure, as many things may have changed. See also Administration Panels > Links.

Links → Manage Links

This Manage Links SubPanel is the main SubPanel for link administration. Here you can view all your links, or just the links from a particular category. Upon clicking the Edit button, this pages transforms into a view of just that one link, and you are able to change all of the options for that link.

The SubPanel has two roles: to list your links, and to edit your links.

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Link Listing

Listing your links is the default behavior for this SubPanel.

Listing Options

In the top most box of this SubPanel are two options:

Show Links in Category [category]
This dropdown allows you to select by category which links are displayed in the Table of Links. By default, "All" is selected and all of your links are displayed.
Order by [     ]
You can sort the Table of Links by Link ID, Name, URI, Description, Owner or Rating with this dropdown. By default, the links are sorted by name.
Clicking this button applies the settings you select in the two dropdowns.

Table of Links

Links are displayed as rows in this table with the following columns.

  • Name - The name (in bold) of the link and its description.
  • URI - The destination URI of the link.
  • Category - All links must belong to one category. The category to which that link is assigned is shown here.
  • rel - This column displays all of the XFN relationships for this link. See more at the Add Link SubPanel.
  • Image - Whether or not there is an image associated with this link: a simple "Yes"/"No".
  • Visible - Whether or not the link is visible on your site.
  • Action
    • Edit - This button takes you into Link Editing Mode so you can edit this link.
    • Delete - Deletes the link. You get a warning asking you to confirm the deletion because deletion cannot be undone.
  • * - A check box for use when Managing Multiple Links.

Manage Multiple Links

The items in this box at the bottom of the subpanel allow you to apply changes to many links at once. These changes are applied only to the links whose checkboxes in the Table of Links are checked. The following actions are available.

Assign ownership to [user]
By selecting a user from this dropdown and clicking its "Go" button, all the checked links will be assigned to that user.
Toggle Visibility
Clicking this button toggles the Visibility setting off all checked links, changing "Yes" to "No" and "No" to "Yes".
Move to category [category]
You can move all of the checked links to a specific category by selecting that category in this dropdown and clicking its "Go" button.
Toggle Checkboxes
This link will invert the checkbox selection: all checked checkboxes will be unchecked and all unchecked checkboxes will be checked.

Link Editing

This mode is essentially the same as the Add Link SubPanel. The only difference is that the buttons to save your work are called "Save Changes" instead of "Add Link".

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