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Managing Special Features

Some new users to WordPress are unfamiliar with the internet in general. While learning how to use a computer, navigate the internet with your browser, and other similar questions are not within the scope of this codex, we will try to be as clear as possible in this training.

This section discusses special features of WordPress that are extended by plugins, don't function as users commonly expect or are subtle and sometimes overlooked.


The first thing you should consider, is that every WordPress website, like every person, is unique. Though they share some common features, there are still variances. So as you review these training materials, it's critical to understand that WordPress is constantly being contributed to by millions of users from around the world. So new versions of WordPress, and it's related plugins, are being released frequently. So don't be surprised if you're version of Wordpress looks or behaves slightly differently than what is documented in this codex.

If, after following instructions within this codex, you find yourself unable to achieve your desired result, try posting your question to the WordPress Support Forums or contact the developer, or development team, you hired for your project.

Types of Special Features

Some users require more tools than come available in WordPress by default. In such cases, you may hire a developer to install a plugin that extends WordPress to meet your needs. If you're not sure whether or not your website has special plugins, you should consult with the developer or development team you hired for your project. Otherwise, we've outlined some common or popular plugins you may be able to use on your website.


  • Contact Form 7 & Contact Form 7 Database Plugin - If your website has these plugins installed, you may navigate "Contact" -> "Database" section. From there you can select the drop down menu and choose the form you would like to see information about. This will allow you review all of the submissions made through that form.

Other Questions

The following are questions you should probably ask the developer or development team you hired for your project because of their varying nature.

  • My website has a slideshow, how do I add slides to it?
  • I have a form, or multiple forms, on my website; how do I review submissions made through these forms?