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Plugin API/Action Reference/wp meta


The wp_meta action hook is created by calling the wp_meta() function in the theme's sidebars and/or by individual widgets.

This hook provides no parameters. You use this hook by having your function echo code to be inserted into the sidebar(s).

This hook is theme-dependent which means that it is up to the author of each WordPress theme to include it. It may not be available on all themes, so you should take this into account when using it. However, it is included in the default Meta widget when that widget is in use.

This hook is an action which means that it primarily acts as an event trigger, instead of a content filter. This is a semantic difference, but it will help you to remember what this hook does if you use it like this:

function your_function() {
	echo '<li>This text is inserted into the sidebar.</li>';
add_action('wp_meta', 'your_function');

Default Actions

This hook has no default action.

Source File

wp_meta() is located in wp-includes/general-template.php

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