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Plugin API/Admin Screen Reference


Some hooks require that the developer append a screen id to the hook name. The reasoning for this is that you often need to target specific admin screens with your hooks, and this allows you that necessary level of control.

Most admin screens have common-sense ids, but this documentation should prove useful to developers new to WordPress.

Admin Screens

For more information about what each screen does, go to Administration Screens. To see the IDs for the network admin screens, jump to Network Admin Screens


Screen Title Admin File ID
All Posts edit.php edit-post
Add New Post post-new.php post
Edit Post post.php?post=###&action=edit post
Categories edit-tags.php?taxonomy=category edit-category
Edit Category edit-tags.php?action=edit&taxonomy=category&tag_ID=###&post_type=post edit-category
Tags edit-tags.php?taxonomy=post_tag edit-post_tag
Edit Tag edit-tags.php?action=edit&taxonomy=post_tag&tag_ID=###&post_type=post edit-post_tag

Custom Post Types

Screen Title Admin File ID
All {post_type}s post.php?post_type={post_type} edit-{post_type}
Add New {post_type} post-new.php?post_type={post_type} {post_type}
Edit {post_type} post.php?post=###&action=edit {post_type}

Custom Taxonomies

Screen Title Admin File ID
{taxonomy} edit-tags.php?taxonomy={taxonomy}&post_type={post_type} edit-{taxonomy}
Edit {taxonomy} edit-tags.php?action=edit&taxonomy={taxonomy}&tag_ID=###&post_type={post_type} edit-{taxonomy}


Screen Title Admin File ID
Media Library upload.php upload
Add New Media media-new.php media
Edit Media post.php?post=###&action=edit attachment


Screen Title Admin File ID
All Pages edit.php?post_type=page edit-page
Add New Page post-new.php?post_type=page page
Edit Page post.php?post=###&action=edit page


Screen Title Admin File ID
Comments edit-comments.php edit-comments
Edit Comment comment.php?action=editcomment&c=### comment


Screen Title Admin File ID
Manage Themes themes.php themes
Widgets widgets.php widgets
Menus nav-menus.php nav-menus
Edit Themes theme-editor.php theme-editor
{page} themes.php?page={page} appearance_page_{page}


Screen Title Admin File ID
Installed Plugins plugins.php plugins
Install Plugins plugin-install.php plugin-install
Edit Plugins plugin-editor.php plugin-editor


Screen Title Admin File ID
All Users users.php users
Add New User user-new.php user-new
Edit User user-edit.php?user_id=### user-edit
Your Profile profile.php profile


Screen Title Admin File ID
Available Tools tools.php tools
Import import.php import
Import (specific import tool) admin.php?import={import_tool} admin
Export export.php export


Screen Title Admin File ID
General Settings options-general.php options-general
Writing Settings options-writing.php options-writing
Reading Settings options-reading.php options-reading
Discussion Settings options-discussion.php options-discussion
Media Settings options-media.php options-media
Permalink Settings options-permalink.php options-permalink
{options_page} options-general.php?page={options_page} settings_page_{options_page}


Screen Title Admin File ID
All Links link-manager.php link-manager
Add New Links link-add.php link
Edit Links link.php?action=edit&link_id=### link
Link Categories edit-tags.php?taxonomy=link_category edit-link_category
Edit Link Category edit-tags.php?action=edit&taxonomy=link_category&tag_ID=###&post_type=post edit-link_category

Other Pages

Screen Title Admin File ID
Dashboard index.php dashboard
Updates update-core.php update-core
Top level pages admin.php?page={page_slug} toplevel_page_{page_slug}
Sub pages admin.php?page={page_slug} {parent_slug}_page_{page_slug}

Network Admin Screens

For more information about what each screen does, go to Network Admin.

Screen Title Admin File ID
Network Users users.php users-network
Network Plugins plugins.php plugins-network
Network Sites sites.php sites-network
Network Themes themes.php themes-network

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