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Plugin API/Filter Reference/preprocess comment


A filter-hook that is applied to the comment data prior to any other processing of the comment's information when saving a comment data to the database.


function preprocess_comment_handler$commentdata ) {
//some code
return $commentdata;
add_filter'preprocess_comment' 'preprocess_comment_handler' );


(array) (required) Comment data array (see below)
Default: None

The $commentdata array contains the following indices:

   'comment_post_ID'      - The post to which the comment will apply
   'comment_author'       - (may be empty)
   'comment_author_email' - (may be empty)
   'comment_author_url'   - (may be empty)
   'comment_content'      - The text of the proposed comment
   'comment_type'         - 'pingback', 'trackback', or empty for regular comments
   'user_ID'              - (empty if not logged in)

Return Values

$commentdata (i.e. 'array') 
the $commentdata array which may have been manipulated during the execution of the handler.


function preprocess_comment_remove_url$commentdata ) {
// Always remove the URL from the comment author's comment
unset( $commentdata['comment_author_url'] );

// If the user is speaking in all caps, lowercase the comment
if( $commentdata['comment_content'] == strtoupper$commentdata['comment_content'] )) {
$commentdata['comment_content'] = strtolower$commentdata['comment_content'] );

add_filter'preprocess_comment' 'preprocess_comment_remove_url' ); 

Change Log

(pre_process_comment) Since: 1.5.2

Prior to WP 2.0, the hook was located in wp-includes/function-post.php Prior to WP 2.1, the hook was located in wp-includes/comment-functions.php

Source File

The preprocess_comment comment is located in wp-includes/comment.php.

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