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Plugin API/Filter Reference/registration errors

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The registration_errors filter hook is used to create custom validation rules on user registration. This fires when the form is submitted but before user information is saved to the database.

When used with other hooks, this filter can be used to create custom registration processes.


This hook is passed three parameters:

The sanitized username as entered by the user.
The email as entered by the user.
Any errors that have been processed up to this point.


The form will not create a new user if any errors are returned. Notice: The function must return the variable $errors in any case (even when there is no error in your logic), otherwise the function may cause this problem: Fatal error: Call to a member function get_error_code() on a non-object.

Returning an Error

This example shows how to return an error.

function myplugin_check_fields($errors, $sanitized_user_login, $user_email) {

    $errors->add( 'demo_error', __('<strong>ERROR</strong>: This is a demo error. Registration halted.','mydomain') );

    return $errors;


add_filter('registration_errors', 'myplugin_check_fields', 10, 3);

Validating a Custom Field

Assuming you wanted to validate a postal code field that you have already created using the register_form hook, you might validate the field like so...

function myplugin_check_fields($errors, $sanitized_user_login, $user_email) {

    if ( ! preg_match('/[0-9]{5}/', $_POST[ 'zipcode' ] ) ) {
        $errors->add( 'zipcode_error', __( '<strong>ERROR</strong>: Invalid ZIP code.', 'my_textdomain' ) );

    return $errors;

add_filter( 'registration_errors', 'myplugin_check_fields', 10, 3 );

Source File

The registration_errors hook is located in wp-login.php



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