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Plugin API/Filter Reference/wp redirect status


The "wp_redirect_status" hook allows a filter to set the HTTP status code when redirecting. It's run by the default wp_redirect() function. The filter function is passed two arguments: the HTTP status code and redirect URL. Note that wp_redirect() is also a "pluggable" function, meaning that plugins can override it. A function that overrides wp_redirect() may not run this filter.


 * Convert HTTP/1.1-only status codes to 1.0 equivalents when using HTTP/1.0
function http_status_version_downgrade($status, $location) {
    static $HTTP11_to_10 = array(
        203 => 200,
        303 => 302, 307 => 302, /* 305 => No 1.0 equivalent ,*/
    if ($_SERVER['SERVER_PROTOCOL'] == 'HTTP/1.0' 
        && isset($HTTP11_to_10[$status])) 
        return $HTTP11_to_10[$status];
    return $status;
add_filter( 'wp_redirect_status', 'http_status_version_downgrade');

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wp_redirect() is located in wp-includes/pluggable.php.