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Project Ideas

This is where we're going to provide a list of project ideas for people interested in Google's Summer of Code project. Please feel free to add your own project ideas here, but know that this isn't a future "feature list" for WordPress, it's just a collaboration point for people to put out project ideas and some will make the official "projects page" on wordpress.org

Sample Project

This is the sample project text. Add your project idea under this.

Data Entry and Reporting

An admin page that lets the administrator enter or upload data, and a page that displays a table of that data to the users. The data should be exportable to several formats. I wonder if people find this incompatible with blogging. (I don't think it is.) This is sample blog...

Multiple Blogs

Allowing multiple blogs to be managed from a single WP install (a la MT) Word Press supports multiple blog

Enkrates 1 June 2005

An Official WordPress Forum Plugin/System

Possibly an expansion of bbPress to be completely integrated into WordPress.

Shahyar 12 June 2005