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Talk:Weblog Client

Seems like Slug is just for Moveable Type users. Are these clients known to work with WordPress? MichaelH 15:34, 2 May 2005 (UTC)

All but Slug.

Checking the windows clients


Looked at the following as of this weekend: Converting2wp 00:12, 3 Jun 2007 (UTC)

BlogDesk (http://www.blogdesk.org)
Looks good and apparently up to date on WordPress versions, but I can't get it to run without making ZoneAlarm cranky because of its keystroke monitoring. Waiting to get a login to the forums to ask about that.
BlogJet (http://www.blogjet.com)
$39.95 for single user, $69.95 for up to five family members.
Looks like a fine product, and I may come back to it for personal use, but my current quest is for something to recommend to the person who posts to a group blog only once in awhile.
Deepest Sender (http://deepestsender.mozdev.org/)
Limited editing functionality; Gets confused by the MORE tag
Ecto (http://ecto.kung-foo.tv/)
21 day trial; price is $17.95; Not tested.
Elicit (http://www.bingobangosoftware.com/)
Link is broken. No obvious new address.
Flock (http://www.flock.com/)
Seems to be a full replacement browser. Not clear if Firefox extensions (WebDev) would work here too. Not tested.
JBlogEditor (http://www.jblogeditor.com)
Next release will be open source. Couldn't find link for current version. Not tested.
Performancing (http://performancing.com/firefox)
Name has changed to Scribefire (http://www.scribefire.com) see below.
Post2Blog (http://bytescout.com/post2blog.html)
This is now released as freeware. Not terrific editing.
Problems getting some WP blogs connected. See notes below
Post2Blog Express (http://bytescout.com/post2blog_express.html)
No longer available since Post2Blog is now free.
Qumana (http://www.qumana.com)
Also seems tied into some ad program. Not tested.
Can't quite separate its "Q-ad" functionality from the rest. Not tested.
Scribefire (http://www.scribefire.com).
Less annoying after finding the option to turn off the "powered by Scribefire" addition to each post.
Handles MORE tag; shows at least some HTML tags in code view.
Like Post2Blog, I'm having problems getting it connected to some WP sites -- see Connection problems below
Semagic (http://semagic.sourceforge.net/)
Not much in the way of documentation. No specific mention of WordPress. Not tested.
w.bloggar (http://www.wbloggar.com/)
Looks feature rich, but site and code haven't changed in over a year. Not tested.
WB Editor (http://www.wbeditor.com/)
Version 3 due soon - it'll be $29.99. Get Version 2 now for 19.99 and it includes a free upgrade. Pluggable architecture, "true WYSIWYG editing" evidently accesses server CSS. May be worth tracking. Not tested.
WriteToMyBlog (http://writetomyblog.com) - web based
As it says, web based. Looks like a more full featured editor, but it seems clunky to use another web-based tool (and store authentication information on another server)
Windows Live Writer (http://windowslivewriter.spaces.live.com/blog/cns!D85741BB5E0BE8AA!174.entry) - link to MS blog announcement, has d/l link
One of very few to talk about using the run-time CSS. I haven't installed .NET and so did not test this.

Connection problems

The these programs work, as far as I can tell from the ones I've explored, is to use the xmlrpc.php file to connect to the WordPress installation. In some configurations, this fails. This has been discussed elsewhere:

However, another clue is in this thread on the Dreamhost status system:

and other notes

I've run the following tests with ScribeFire connecting to WP installs on Dreamhost with mod_security turned on:

  • PHP 4.4.7 - WordPress 2.0.7, 2.1.2, 2.1.3, 2.2 - success in connecting
  • PHP 5.5.2 - All of the above except for 2.2 fail.