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Twenty Eleven Theme Changelog

Version 2.6

Released: June 8, 2017

  • Improve styles for 4.8 widgets. (#40745)

Version 2.5

Released: August 15, 2016

  • Twenty Eleven Ephemera widget fix for caching in Customizer preview. (#36429)
  • Update theme tags. (#37426)

Version 2.4

Released: April 12, 2016

  • Use selective refresh to preview changes to site title and tagline in core themes. (#27355)
  • Captioned image fix for editor. (#33153)
  • Require opt-in for selective refresh of widgets. (#27355)

Version 2.3

Released: December 8, 2015

  • Correct license information in readme.txt. (#33590)

Version 2.2

Released August 18, 2015

  • Add readme file to explain basic theme usage, link to changelog in Codex, and include license information. (#31814)
  • Update the Twenty_Eleven_Ephemera_Widget class constructor. Remove deprecated constructor notice (Since Twenty Eleven can be used with WordPress releases prior to 4.3, it can't contain calls to functions that were introduced after its initial release.) (#32881)
  • Fix "Skip to content" links appearance after (31464). See: (#32231).

Version 2.1

Released April 23, 2015

  • Fix indentation (spaces to tabs), fix escaping and minor code style issues (#29127)
  • Add postMessage support for header_textcolor to improve the user experience in the Customizer (#24128)
  • Remove URLs from reset credits (#30764)
  • Fill in support for `screen-reader-text` class (#31095)
  • Replace current() with reset(), which is guaranteed to be the first item (#31259, #31260)
  • Update CSS rules for `.screen-reader-text` to be consistent with current accessibility guidelines ( #31279)
  • Use SSL for theme and author URIs (#31699)
  • Add trailing slashes to theme URIs to avoid a redirect (#31839)

Version 2.0

Released: December 18, 2014

  • Add bottom margin to audio and video players. (#29146)
  • Change Twenty Eleven's header preview callback. (#29289)
  • Don't display modified excerpt link in wp-admin. (#30026)
  • Change instances of "Theme Customizer" to just "Customizer", as the Customizer isn't necessarily theme-specific. (#29947)
  • Add an alt attribute with the site title for header images linked to the home page. (#15926)
  • Use HTTPS URLs for core.trac.wordpress.org. (#27115)
  • Prevent the arrow in "Continue reading" links from wrapping to a second line. (#27908)

Version 1.9

Released: September 4, 2014

  • Avoid a PHP notice in bundled themes if no images were found. (#28361)

Version 1.8

Released: May 8, 2014

  • Use correct logic in IE conditional comments in header template. (#28151)
  • Prevent 'Page %s' from being added to page title on 404 error pages in bundled themes. (#16468)
  • Correct description for twentyeleven_theme_options_render_page(). (#28057)
  • Add minimal CSS rules for audio, video, and display players on attachment pages. (#27243)
  • In `prepend_attachment`, add logic to support attachment types that are not `image`. (#27243)
  • In `get_post_class()`, don't add the `has-post-thumbnail` class for attachment pages. (#27243)
  • Remove doc block comments for `@return void`. (#27098)
  • Make sure top post meta output isn't broken on small screens. (#27061)
  • Only show secondary skip link on pages with secondary content, and remove duplicate title attribute in site title output. (#26950)
  • Update the HTML5 Shiv across the default themes to 3.7.0. (#26491)
  • New screenshot at 880x660 to maximize theme goodness in the new theme viewer design. (#26159)
  • Add and display new tags to highlight the ever-growing number of responsive themes available. (#21442)
  • Implement Microsoft-specific `@viewport` rules for better responsive styling in Windows 8 "snapped" views. (#25888)

Version 1.7

Released: Octoer 24, 2013

  • Documentation: Spell out duplicate hook locations. (#25658)
  • Don't use /** docblocks for simple multiline comments. (#25256)
  • Update code comments to reflect WP inline docs standards.(#25256)
  • Fix some mobile layout bugs on single post format view. (#25019)
  • Theme folder moved to develop.svn.wordpress.org repository based on the old core.svn repository. (#24976)

Version 1.6

August 1, 2013

  • Fix showcase template display in IE7 and IE8. (#18024)
  • Set images without WordPress-generated class to 100% maximum width, and fix spacing of images within caption containers. (#22366)
  • Improve spelling and grammar in documentation. (#22665)
  • Improve how gallery image IDs are retrieved for use in the Gallery post format template. Call get_post_galleries() correctly now that it has new arguments, and use a more accurate function_exists call.(#22907)
  • Use .text() instead of .html() for blogname and blogdescription in Theme Customizer JavaScript handlers. (#23435)
  • Use new URL extraction function, get_the_url() for link post formats in the Ephemera widget. (#23618)
  • Add identifier to style elements added by the theme. (#24033)
  • Add .displaying-header-text to the default themes, as the Custom Header page toggles this class. (#24113)
  • Remove the_title_attribute() title attributes where it duplicates the_title() in anchor text. (#24203)
  • Remove /extend/ from Theme URI headers in default themes. (#24389)
  • Minor cleanup: remove extra spaces in CSS file and crush a few more kilobytes from a PNG file. (r24144)

Version 1.5

December 11, 2012

  • Continue reading link should be pluggable. (#16500)
  • Allow content-single.php to be overridden for post formats. (#17996)
  • Better closed comments notes. Check only for "comment" type comments when deciding whether to show the message. Check get_comments_number() instead of using $comments_by_type for showing a comments closed message. (#20469)
  • Fix gallery thumbnail image overflow. (#20478)
  • Style a few more common input types. (#20579 & #21757)
  • Update html5 shiv to stable version. (#20640)
  • Show categories and tags only when supported by post type, using is_object_in_taxonomy() instead of only checking for 'post' post types. (#20922)
  • Remove an errant 1 pixel border below the header image. #21057)
  • More elegant fix for long word overflow in sidebars. (#21151 & #21503)
  • Fix typo, s/#entry-meta/.entry-meta/. (#21418)
  • Fix long URLs in comments overflow content area. (#21491)
  • Add new 'flexible-header' tag for themes. (#21605)
  • Add rule to force override the fixed width for Twitter embeds. (#21680)
  • Escape i18n attributes as late as possible. (#21756)
  • Improve styling and markup for gallery and attachment MCE views. Attachment views can now inherit from the theme's editor-style.css. Adds a non-functional edit button to gallery views. (#21390, #21813, & #21815)
  • Remove invalid pubdate value from time elements. (#22095)
  • Style < small > element in default themes a bit smaller than normal text. (#22109)
  • Allow show_home argument to be overridden when using wp_page_menu as a fallback to a Custom Menu. (#22331)
  • Proper default background color. (#22347)
  • Escape navigation ID output. (#22690)
  • Remove buggy word-break property, use word-wrap instead, for better hyphenation and word breaking in nested comments. (#22751)

Version 1.4

June 13, 2012

  • Style the samp and var elements the same way we style the code and kbd elements. (#17842)
  • Use one space, not two, after trailing punctuation. (#19537)
  • Callbacks for custom headers and custom backgrounds registered through add_theme_support() are now wp-head-callback, admin-head-callback, and admin-preview-callback. (#19910)
  • Fix incorrect end HTML comment. (#19978)
  • Move to add add_theme_support() for headers and backgrounds. Update functions.php to use the new add_theme_support() calls for backgrounds and headers.(#20265 & #20249)
  • Remove use of HEADER_IMAGE_WIDTH and HEADER_IMAGE_HEIGHT from header.php. (#20265)
  • Fix typo and terminology in Twenty Eleven's header template. (#20442)
  • Specify default background colors for the bundled themes. Change the default custom background callback to only operate on saved values, rather than default values. Prevent an unsaved default value from overriding a manually modified style.css file. Flexible heights for custom headers. #20448)
  • Provide backward compatibility for custom headers. (#20768)

Version 1.3

December 12, 2011

  • Make date formats for transation.(#16441)
  • Introduce image post format and miscellaneous style fixes. (#17198)
  • Simplify some Twenty-Eleven strings for i18n. (#17777)
  • Use get_template_directory() instead of TEMPLATEPATH. (#18071)
  • Fix @sinces documentation. Use the Settings fields/sections API. (#18045)
  • Fix alignment buttons when there is no content in editor under RTL. (#18247)
  • Make twentyeleven_content_nav() pluggable. (#18585)
  • Highlight current-menu-item and current-menu-ancestor. (#18643)
  • Indent code within an 'if' inside Twenty Eleven's ephemera widget. (#18751)
  • Always call the loop properly in all template files rather than just calling the_post(). (#18794)
  • Improve RTL css to better match LTR experience. (#18911)
  • Custom shadows for comment avatars in the dark color scheme. (#18930)
  • Footer widgets shouldn't appear on the 404 page. (#18933)
  • Higher z-index for #branding. (#18938)
  • Make sure embeds and iframes fit their containers. (#18941)
  • phpdoc fix. (#18965)
  • Use get_template_directory() for include paths rather than FILE magic constant. Won't go stale when twentyeleven_setup() is overridden. (#18985)
  • Standardize some final help strings. Add contextual help for Twenty Eleven theme options page. (#19020)
  • Properly adjust margins for ordered lists in RTL in Twenty Eleven. ([1])
  • Give a min-height to posts of the status post format. (#19325)
  • Provide backward compatibility for multiple authors. (#19504)
  • Standardise on "Leave a reply". (r19375)
  • More consistent attribute escaping. (r19582)
  • Backward compatible contextual help. (r19580)

Version 1.2

July 12, 2011

  • Don't call comments_popup_link() if post_password_required(). That'll result in double password messages. (#17962)
  • Fix search form width in IE7. (#18004)
  • Update editor style for blockquotes and images. (#18008)
  • Don't set color in the * selector in editor styles. (#18011)
  • Prefix theme_options_render_page(). (#18045)

Version 1.1

Released: July 4, 2011

Initial release.