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Twenty Ten Theme Changelog

Version 2.3

Released: June 8, 2017

  • Improve styles for 4.8 widgets. (#40745)
  • Introduce media widgets for images, audio, and video with extensible base for additional media widgets in the future. (#32417), (#39993), (#39994), (#39995)

Version 2.2

Released: August 15, 2016

Version 2.1

Released: December 8, 2015

  • Correct license information in readme.txt. (#33590)

Version 2.0

Released August 18, 2015

  • Add readme file to explain basic theme usage, link to changelog in Codex, and include license information. (#31814)

Version 1.9

Released: April 23, 2015

  • Fix escaping and minor code style issues (#29127)
  • Remove URLs from reset credits (#30764)
  • Replace current() with reset(), which is guaranteed to be the first item (#31259, #31260)
  • Update CSS rules for `.screen-reader-text` to be consistent with current accessibility guidelines (#31279)
  • Use SSL for theme and author URIs (#31699)
  • Add trailing slashes to theme URIs to avoid a redirect (#31839)

Version 1.8

Released: December 18, 2014

  • Add bottom margin to audio and video players. (#29146)
  • Don't display modified excerpt link in wp-admin. (#30026)
  • Prevent the arrow in "Continue reading" links from wrapping to a second line. (#27908)

Version 1.7

Released: September 4, 2014

  • Avoid a PHP notice in bundled themes if no images were found. (#28361)
  • Correct attribute escaping in the attachment template. (#28251)
  • Prevent 'Page %s' from being added to page title on 404 error pages in bundled themes. (#16468)
  • New screenshots at 880x660 to maximize theme goodness in the new theme viewer design. (#26159)
  • Revert Twenty Ten's original screenshot. (#26459)
  • If a theme only has a very-old-school 300px-wide screenshot (or narrower), don't stretch it. (#26459)
  • Add and display new tags to highlight the ever-growing number of responsive themes available. (#21442)
  • Spell out duplicate hook locations. (#25658)
  • Don't use /** docblocks for simple multiline comments. (#25256)
  • Update code comments to reflect WP inline docs standards. (#25256)
  • (Theme folder moved to ) New develop.svn.wordpress.org repository based on the old core.svn repository. (#24976)

Version 1.6

August 1, 2013

  • Fix style element ID attribute value,. (#24033)
  • Add helpful descriptions to widget areas. (#15401)
  • Improve how gallery image IDs are retrieved for use in the Gallery post format template. (#23617)
  • Remove the_title_attribute() title attributes where it duplicates the_title() in anchor text. (#24203)
  • Change gallery category post meta output to check for a "gallery" category using get_term_by() to avoid a possible WP_Error for an empty result by getting a false (boolean) return value instead. And, change link output to use get_category_link() instead of get_term_link().(#23837)
  • Remove the_title_attribute() title attributes where it duplicates the_title() in anchor text. (#24203)
  • Fix minor indentation issues in CSS files (spaces to tabs). (r24196)
  • Remove /extend/ from Theme URI headers in default themes. (#24389)
  • Improve color contrast for links and text. (#14794)

Version 1.5

December 11, 2012

  • Remove extra end comment and indent code.(#20469)
  • Add new 'flexible-header' tag for themes. (#21605)
  • Remove invalid rel attribute generator from footer markup. (#22095)
  • Allow show_home argument to be overridden when using wp_page_menu as a fallback to a Custom Menu.(#22331)
  • Continue reading link should be pluggable. (#16500)
  • Improve code readability in twentyten_comment. (#21474)

Version 1.4

June 13, 2012

  • Coding standard: Use one space, not two, after trailing punctuation. (#19537)
  • Remove custom header and background constants. (#20249)
  • Update theme to use add_theme_support() for headers and backgrounds. (#20265)
  • Provide backward compatibility for custom header in bundled theme. (#20768)

Version 1.3

December 12, 2011

  • Make date formats for translation. (#16441)
  • Fix alignment buttons when there is no content in editor under RTL. (#18247)
  • Fix UL, OL in editor-style.css. (#18314)
  • Use get_template_directory() instead of TEMPLATEPATH. (#18071)
  • More consistent attribute escaping. (r19582)
  • Implement rel="author". (#17722)
  • Add style: overflow:auto for pre tags. (#16317)

Version 1.2

February 23, 2011

  • Center images on attachment pages. (#14284)
  • style.css cleanup. (#14298)
  • Fix image size handling. (#14303)
  • Check for header image before showing it. (#14486)
  • Set IE6 incompatible CSS rule in a different selector, because it causes all headings to be set in Georgia instead of Helvetica & co. (#14688)
  • Fix some encoding issues. (#14735)
  • Add Post Format support which can be used to designate an Aside or a Gallery! (#14746)
  • Fix header positioning in IE9. (#14883)
  • Allow the various header constants to be redefined. (#14903)
  • Check for theme support before calling has_post_thumbnail for child theme compatibility. (#14903)
  • Use custom loops. (#15078)
  • Deprecate twentyten_remove_gallery_css in favor of the use_default_gallery_style filter. (#15103)
  • Utilize gallery-columns-# classes. (#15103)
  • Fix long taglines hidden under the header image lte IE7. (#15113)
  • Don't let widget select boxes get cut off by the sidebar. (#15114)
  • Add a class to 'Your comment is awaiting moderation' in the comment walker and Twenty Ten's callback. (#15206)
  • Revert replacement of get_the_category() with get_the_categories(). (#15407)
  • Don't pass optional argument with its default value. (#15450)
  • Code cleanup. (#15476)
  • Add a simple filter to allow removing the recent comments default widget styles. (#15493)
  • Add 'View Galleries' link for post formats. (#15506)
  • Only link to the Gallery category if the post is in the category. (#15506)
  • Fix typo in loop.php. (#15537)
  • Mark Twenty Ten as GPL per new theme directory guidelines. (#15632)
  • Handle 'This gallery contains X photos' properly. (#15858)
  • Add post format CSS to stylesheet. (#16141)
  • Clear floats before page links in Twenty Ten. (#16178)
  • Provide backward compatibility with the gallery_style filter. (#16610)
  • Make dropdown menus slightly wider to accommodate long words and minor cleanup of style.css. (r14862)
  • Editor-style CSS cleanup. (r14863)
  • Revert changeset which deals with plural form issues in comments. (r17111)
  • WP 3.0 compatibility for post formats. (r17469)

Version 1.1

July 29, 2010

  • Clear #main in Twenty Ten to fix rendering in old Gecko browsers. (#13991)
  • style.css updates for theme repo sync. Change hex values to lowercase.(#14284)
  • Capital p in WordPress. (#14293)
  • New theme description and stylsheet cleanup. (#14298)
  • Add single-attachment class and style to div#container of attachment.php. (r15422)
  • Removw the color declaration from the strong tag so we don't interfere with the user's color choices. Slightly darkening body text for better readability. (r15164)

Version 1.0.3

June 17, 2010

Initial release.