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Twenty Twelve Theme Changelog

Version 2.3

Released: June 8, 2017

  • Improve styles for 4.8 widgets. (#40745)

Version 2.2

Released: December 6, 2016

  • Add preconnect to fonts.gstatic.com. (#37171)

Version 2.1

Released: August 15, 2016

  • Remove .pot files from Default Themes. (#34884)
  • Update theme tags. (#37426)

Version 2.0

Released: April 12, 2016

  • Standardize on "front end"/"back end" (noun) and "front-end"/"back-end". (#34887)
  • Use selective refresh to preview changes to site title and tagline in core themes. (#27355)
  • Require opt-in for selective refresh of widgets. (#27355)

Version 1.9

Released: December 8, 2015

  • Correct license information in readme.txt. (#33590)

Version 1.8

Released August 18, 2015

  • Fix content skip link appearance. (#32232)
  • Add readme file to explain basic theme usage, link to changelog in Codex, and include license information. (#31814)
  • Use https for Google API external libraries. (#32552)

Version 1.7

Released April 23, 2015

  • Fix escaping and minor code style issues (#29127)
  • Fill in support for `screen-reader-text` class (#31095)
  • Replace current() with reset(), which is guaranteed to be the first item (#31259, #31260)
  • Update CSS rules for `.screen-reader-text` to be consistent with current accessibility guidelines (#31279)
  • Use SSL for theme and author URIs (#31699)
  • Add trailing slashes to theme URIs to avoid a redirect (#31839)

Version 1.6

Released: December 18, 2014

  • Fix widget stacking problem in older IE browsers for Front Page template. (#28938)
  • Menu on touch devices: fix jQuery selector for menu items with submenus. (#24767)
  • Use proper way to get customizer settings values.(#29577)
  • Improve keyboard accessibility on Custom Header and Custom Background screen. (#29289)
  • Change instances of "Theme Customizer" to just "Customizer", as the Customizer isn't necessarily theme-specific. (#29947)
  • Add an alt attribute with the site title for header images linked to the home page. (#15926)
  • Use HTTPS URLs for core.trac.wordpress.org. (#27115)
  • Prevent the arrow in "Continue reading" links from wrapping to a second line. (#27908)

Version 1.5

Released: September 4, 2014

  • Make small-screen menu accessible to keyboard commands and voice-driven software by using a focusable button element rather than `h3` for the toggle element. (#28224)
  • Bump JS version. (#24767)
  • Make submenu links work correctly on tablets. (#24767)
  • Avoid a PHP notice in bundled themes if no images were found. (#28361)
  • Use correct logic in IE conditional comments in header template. (#28151)
  • Prevent 'Page %s' from being added to page title on 404 error pages. (#16468)

Version 1.4

Released: May 8, 2014

  • On attachment pages for audio and video, display players. Currently, only a link is displayed. Add minimal CSS rules for compatibility. (#27243)
  • In `prepend_attachment`, add logic to support attachment types that are not `image`. (#27243)
  • In `get_post_class()`, don't add the `has-post-thumbnail` class for attachment pages. (#27243)
  • Improve menu navigation for keyboard and voice-over interactions by properly focusing on submenu items when they are open. (#24839)
  • Remove doc block comments for `@return void`. (#27098)
  • Style `select` element. (#27434)
  • Remove unused `singular` selectors in print CSS block. (#26866)
  • Don't print the featured image when viewing an attachment. (#27243)
  • Update the HTML5 Shiv across the default themes to 3.7.0. (#26491)
  • Use the 'display' filter for get_bloginfo( 'name' ) attached to the wp_title filter. (#26811)
  • New screenshots at 880x660 to maximize theme goodness in the new theme viewer design. (#26159)
  • Add and display new tags to highlight the ever-growing number of responsive themes available. (#21442)
  • Implement Microsoft-specific `@viewport` rules for better responsive styling in Windows 8 "snapped" views. (#25888)

Version 1.3

Released: October 24, 2013

  • Translator comments are special, make sure they are parsed properly. (#25256)
  • Don't use /** docblocks for simple multiline comments. (#25256)
  • Update code comments to reflect WP inline docs standards. (#25256)
  • Spell out duplicate hook locations. (#25658)
  • Use the correct body class for attachments in the IE stylesheet. (#25506)
  • Use the correct body class for attachments where .single-attachment is only used when the attachment's parent is not a page. (#25506)
  • Simplify header image check. (#25400)

Version 1.2

Released: August 1, 2013

  • Load Google Font in the visual editor to improve user experience. #22499)
  • Fix button active state to avoid a 2px shift. (#22825)
  • Fix double featured images in Front Page Template. Show featured image in single page views. (#22943)
  • Update post author comment markup and styles, improving hCard data parsing and simplifying styles.(#23128)
  • Better layout for floated image captions. (#23147)
  • Remove unnecessary class values in posts navigation. (#23152)
  • Properly style visited links in entries, widgets, and comment text. #23200)
  • Clear center-aligned images properly. (#23244)
  • Use .text() instead of .html() for blogname and blog description in Theme Customizer JavaScript handlers. (#23435)
  • Better handling for cases where a background color is set to white or an empty value (like first run with no theme_mods set) and a background image is enabled, which resulted previously in a broken layout. (#23586)
  • Enable live preview for Header Text Color in Theme Customizer. Change also removes an !important declaration (yay) in Custom Header CSS rules. Fix regression introduced in r23572, allow hide/show of Header Text in Customizer. (#23600)
  • Improve Appearance > Header styles to match front end view better -- including loading special Google Font there. Add back missing space in CSS value. (#23790)
  • Add identifier to style elements added by the theme. (#24033)
  • Add .displaying-header-text to the default themes, as the Custom Header page toggles this class. (#24113)
  • In editor-style.css change .mceWPnextpage to .mce-wp-nextpage to match the core fix for Chrome. (#24177)
  • Fix minor indentation issues in CSS files (spaces to tabs). (#24196)
  • Remove the_title_attribute() title attributes where it duplicates the_title() in anchor text. (#24203)
  • Remove /extend/ from Theme URI headers in default themes. (#24389)

Version 1.1

Released: December 11, 2012

Initial release.