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My name is Jon Pearkins, and I live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The best way to contact me is through my web site's Contact page: http://jonradio.com/contact/

I began writing for the Web in 1994, back in the days before advertising was allowed on the Internet. And began developing web sites in HTML in 1995, switching to WordPress in 2008. I wrote my first published article (of over 200) in 1968, began computer programming in 1971, and retired from a 35 year Computing career in 2007.

But my real passion is Radio, hence the jonradio name, ever since I began listening to Top 40 ("rock and roll") Radio on February 9, 1962. Writing for Radio in the early 1970s made my writing good enough that someone would publish it and pay me for it. Although my skills have slipped slightly with age, I still have an excellent knowledge of the English language and lots of experience proof-reading.

I authored eight plugins in the WordPress Plugin Repository, adopting them out in 2015, because I could no longer handle the Support responsibilities due to Family Health issues. I still build and maintain my own Linux (Ubuntu) environments for web hosting on the Public Cloud offerings at OVH.ca, as well as an old HP Mini for testing. However, I prefer shared hosting at ICDSoft for a few sites that require high reliability.

My php skills are excellent, though I still struggle with Class concepts, and therefore favour procedural coding. For both MySQL and Ubuntu, I opt to learn just what I need to, to build and support my web sites. I stick to Command-line in Ubuntu.