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Andy Walton

About Me

I'm a freelance technical writer and content strategist from the UK. I'm here to build my skills, gain some experience (especially in terms of working with wikis and collaborative authoring) and give something back to the WordPress community. I'm a passionate believer in open source software and I've got plenty of WordPress experience, so the Codex is pretty much my ideal project!

I love breaking down complex concepts to help users understand them, a skill I first learned during my days as a customer-facing IT support tech (being able to explain things well helps to defuse the situation when you have an angry customer on the other end of the phone!) I've also done my time as a copywriter / editor, so hopefully my English skills are up to the job.

How I Can Help

I'd be happy to take on virtually any documentation-related project for the Codex. I'm ultimately hoping to pitch in and write some new content, but I'd also be more than happy to use my editing and fact-checking skills on pre-existing pieces. I'd also be interested in any formatting tasks that are available, as I'm looking to build my knowledge of wiki markup.


Twitter: notandywalton
Email: andy at andywalton dot net

Andy Walton 10:30, 30 September 2013 (UTC)

This box demonstrates what a code looks like when used in the "real world". I can use spans to style sections and other CSS inline styles to customize the look like for this list:

  • A List Item in Small Caps
  • List Item in Italic and Bold
  • Change Size and Color

There are limits, like you can't recreate a hover, but for the most part, all inline CSS styles can be used on the Codex to recreate a realistic example of what the usage will generate.

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