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A little about me

Hi there. I'm Susan Kitchens. I have one WordPress blog at http://www.2020hindsight.org/ (Migrated to WordPress in July 2004; it was a Manila site before that. Been blogging since December 1999). I've also put a few other WordPress sites elsewhere.

I've written software documentation and computer how-to books. (mostly on Bryce, 3D landscape software).

What I want to document on the Wiki

  • correct typos and grammatical icky-poos as I come across them. (Like correcting the dreaded it's to its)
  • document solutions to problems that I've had in my own use of WordPress. In other words, write down what I wish I'd found when I came to the codex or the support forums in the first place. Leave the place better than when I found it.

To Do?

I'll add this section, since it seems to be the norm. But I haven't the foggiest what to put here. So far, my contributions are pretty ad-hoc.

AuntiAlias 04:06, 8 Sep 2005 (GMT)