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Hey, I'm Ben from England (hello, world). I've been coding since I was small, and using WordPress since a little bit after that. I'm fluent in PHP, having taught myself from first principles. Design is important to me as the actual functionality - hence a love of WordPress - although my CSS knowledge is sometimes more based on trial-and-error than a fluency.

Some of my WordPress installations have won awards, although good design in the Patchwork and Quilting world is a bit like hunting the holy grail, so that wasn't much of a contest :) I also have a habit of using WordPress as a CMS with a blog thrown in for good measure, but it works and looks good so that's all that matters. To date my biggest coding project wasn't a WordPress installation, but I now think I actually could have used wp as the core :). My biggest design project has been with bbPress on the Jonathan Ross Twitter Book Club (I <3 Kakumei), or as I know it, the Wossy BC.

As well as designing I go to school where I am studying for my A levels.