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Working with Branches

...and finding differences:

To checkout 1.2.2, for example, use:

cvs -q tag WordPress-Ver-1_2_2-20041216

(This is a release tag, a marker for a point in time, not a branch tag.)

Having valid release tags makes it much easier to answer questions about what changed. E.g. in response to this question http://wordpress.org/support/3/18692/

You can use cvs -q diff -uwb -rWordPress-Ver-1_2_1-20041006 -rWordPress-Ver-1_2_2-20041216

to get a unified diff of the changes. Drop the u option to get a normal context diff.

or cvs -q rdiff -s -rWordPress-Ver-1_2_1-20041006 -rWordPress-Ver-1_2_2-20041216 wordpress

will get you a list of changed files and their version numbers.

From Mike :)