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get_settings stub

This is a "stub" for a definition of the get_settings function call. It's based on the get_bloginfo template tag (right now it's just a copy of it) and is intended to eventually appear at Function_Reference/get_settings

cori(talk) 13:52, 16 Oct 2005 (GMT)


Returns information about your blog, which can then be used elsewhere in your PHP code. To display this information, use bloginfo().


 <?php get_bloginfo('show'); ?> 


Blog Title

Assigns your blog's title in the variable $blog_title.

<?php $blog_title = get_bloginfo('name'); ?>

Template Directory

Returns directory URL to the active theme to include a custom template.

<?php include(get_bloginfo('template_directory') . '/searchform.php'); ?>


(string) Informational detail about your blog. Valid values:
  • 'name' - Weblog title; set in General Options. (Default)
  • 'description' - Tagline for your blog; set in General Options.
  • 'url' - URL for your blog's web site address.
  • 'rdf_url' - URL for RDF/RSS 1.0 feed.
  • 'rss_url' - URL for RSS 0.92 feed.
  • 'rss2_url' - URL for RSS 2.0 feed.
  • 'atom_url' - URL for Atom feed.
  • 'comments_rss2_url' - URL for comments RSS 2.0 feed.
  • 'pingback_url' - URL for Pingback (XML-RPC file).
  • 'admin_email' - Administrator's email address; set in General Options.
  • 'charset' - Character encoding for your blog; set in Reading Options.
  • 'version' - Version of WordPress your blog uses.
The following work in WordPress version 1.5 or after:
  • 'html_type' - "Content-type" for your blog.
  • 'wpurl' - URL for WordPress installation.
  • 'template_url' - URL for template in use.
  • 'template_directory' - URL for template's directory.
  • 'stylesheet_url' - URL for primary CSS file.
  • 'stylesheet_directory' - URL for stylesheet directory.


See also index of Function Reference and index of Template Tags.