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User:Dancole/Feature Freeze Policy

This article is a ROUGH DRAFT. The author is still working on this document, so please do not edit this without the author's permission. The content within this article may not yet be verified or valid. This information is subject to change.

This is the second phase of policies that apply to features and enhancements. The first phase, which is called Feature and Enhancement Inclusion Policy, only allows features and enhancements that have been selected for inclusion in the release during the planning process to be able to be committed to that release.

After the feature freeze date, features and enhancements that were selected to be included, but have not been completed are ineligible for inclusion. Tickets that have been tagged as “commit” and have been properly reviewed before this data will still be included.

This feature freeze policy applies to features and enhancements. Defects and bugs don't apply to this policy and are meant to be committed during any stage of development.

Some Example Do's and Don't's

  • Do have patches reviewed before the feature freeze date
  • Do have commit ready code done sooner rather than later.
  • Do submit bug fixes
  • Do move your tickets to the next release if their not ready by the feature freeze date.
  • Do create patches for tickets, regardless of went they will be committed.
  • Do NOT make feature or enhancement requests for a release after the end of the planning stage.
  • Do NOT mark enhancements as defects.