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About me

My name is Zsolt Lakatos, now days I live in Budapest, Hungary in the heart of Europe.

I'm intrested in web developement came up, since the late '90s, when I was young, and the internet alround to world was only a child as well, especially in Eastern Europe.

10 years later (now) I'm working as a Developement Team Coordinator, and Lead Developer in Webdevelopement Company.

I also run my own web hosting, web developement and design business here.

By the way I'm still young, I just passed the half of my twenties... ;)

Me, myself and WordPress

I started to publish in WordPress platform, and write, plugins, widgets and themes in 2007. In 2008, I take the role of the Hungarian Localization Team Leader, and I publish regularly to the Hungarian WordPress community's site.

I've wrote several plugins. The most well known is surely ACE, and some of you may have heared about Invite Friends as well.

My Chinese Love theme is available from WordPress Theme Directory.

My sites

My site about web developement in English

My personal site in Hungarian

My blog in Hungarian


Hungarian WordPress sites

Hungarian WordPress community

Hungarian WordPress translation