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User:DrewAPicture/Revision Management

This is the draft post for 3.6 Revisions overhaul. The original article is here: Revision Management

Revisions UI

The Revisions UI received a big overhaul for WordPress 3.6.

Revisions are saved copies of your post or page, which are periodically created as you update your content.

From the revisions screen you can review, compare, and restore revisions:

  • To navigate between revisions, drag the slider handle left or right or use the Previous or Next buttons.
  • Compare two different revisions by selecting the “Compare two revisions” box to the side.
  • To restore a revision, click Restore This Revision.
To access the revisions screen, once you have two or more revisions you'll see a link in the Publish meta box with the number of revisions and a Browse link.

Click the Browse link to open the revisions comparison screen.

The revisions comparison screen shows the previous revision on the left, and the new revision on the right. Using the slider at the top of the page allows you to "scrub" through the revisions, comparing each one to the next. The red text shows the content that was removed. The green text shows the content that was added.

A checkbox at the top right allows you to pick and choose which revisions to compare, splitting the slider handle into two parts.

Revisions Screen:


Revisions screen after "scrubbing" the revision forward:


Any revision can be restored by clicking the Restore This Revision button.