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My name is Evan Herman. I am a full time Web Developer based in Philadelphia, PA. I've been lurking around the forums and community for a while and have learned so much, I want to take the time out to give something back. I am interested in contributing to both the WordPress Core as well as adding pages to the Codex.

My Contributions http://codex.wordpress.org/Special:Contributions/Eherman24


You can contact me in a number of ways

  • Email: Evan.M.Herman@gmail.com
  • WebSite: www.Evan-Herman.com
  • Linked In: EvanHerman

Further Information Regarding Me

I have been in and around the WordPress community for close to two years now. I have been developing sites for clients and for my self. I have had my hands in all aspects of development ranging from themes to plugins. I currently work full time as a WordPress Developer, and down the road hope to open my own design/development firm. I have a passion for the open source community and want to contribute to the best of my ability. I would love to contribute to both the Codex as well as to Core. I believe I could an important asset to the community and hope to get my hands 'dirty' as quickly as possible.

How and What?

I would like to help contribute to the WordPress core by creating and testing patches through Trac. I have been working with a few developers with-in Trac to knock out some bugs for the upcoming 3.7 release. I would like to contribute to the Codex by locating pages that are not fully fleshed out and adding as much detail and examples as necessary. I know a large chunk of the Codex has been untouched for quite a while, as I have come across them during development. The codex is an integral part of the WordPress community, and it needs constant updating and maintenance.


Moving forward with in the community I am really trying to make it out to as many WordCamp events as possible in the coming months/years. As I get more comfortable and gain more experience I would like to eventually present at one of the conferences. The WordPress community is unlike any other community out there. Take pride in it. Build it up and strengthen its foundation.