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SpeedyPress is a Linux shell script made by me, Hans Engel, that provides a quick way for setting up WordPress on your own computer. It does these things:

  • Downloads and installs XAMPP
  • Downloads WordPress
  • Extracts/installs WordPress

SpeedyPress is 100% virus-free, malware-free, the works.


SpeedyPress is still in its Alpha stage, so please don't expect any flashy graphics! Sorry, but for now you must run it via command-line.

Open up a terminal, and type these commands, in this order:

sudo mkdir /opt (this is because some Linux distros don't include the /opt root directory)
cd ~/
wget http://download135.mediafire.com/ncnl192zz01g/anztzmfcldb/SpeedyPress
chmod +x SpeedyPress
sudo ./SpeedyPress

After running the last command, SpeedyPress will start the installation.


SpeedyPress is released under a GNU GPL v3.0 license. Please be nice and give me some credit if you redistribute / modify / modify and redistribute it. A lot of work went into this and I would like to be credited—however, if you are feeling particularly evil today, you may not give me credit, because the GPL allows you to do that.