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hakre's version 2.1.3 sprint


  • IMP: Remove unneeded Options: Some are left
  • IMP: WordPress MU support
  • FIX: Add Missing Translations to .PO
  • FIX: en-EN / Default .PO / .MO File Naming
  • BUG: tab-js and CSS is added on any admin page. nice to concept but bad practise. remove.
  • BUG: do_home() handles a 'link_current_item' decision but it's far far before output.
  • BUG: do_title() handles a 'link_current_item' decision but it's far far before output.
  • Todo After
    • Concept of Translating Drop-Bown Values (true/false problem)
    • Translation of Default Values
  • Done
  • IMP: Use Checkboxes instead of Dropdowns for True/False Options - Done.
  • IMP: Remove Static Frontpage Option from plugin options - Done
  • FIX: Remove ':' from Form Section Titles. - fixed.
  • FIX: Extra whitespace around Version/Author HTML Comment removed
  • FIX: Homepage not displayed - fixed now
  • FIX: <th width="33%" scope="row"> admin output - fixed.

Wording Issues

  • Home
  • Blog

Option Issues

Option Name 2.1.2 type 2.1.3 plans Notes
bcn_static_frontpage string ('true'|'false') remove Use function bcn_wp_has_static_frontpage() instead
bcn_url_blog string remove?, static frontpage first The location of the page that contains posts relative to the WordPress Blog address.
  • WordPress Blog address: API Clarification needed
  • WordPress Posts address: API Clarification needed

Infos taken out of the existin 2.1.2 sourccode 'static_frontpage' => 'false', //*** only used if 'static_frontpage' => true //Relative URL for your blog's address that is used for the Weblog link. //Use it if your blog is available at http://www.site.com/myweblog/, //and at http://www.site.com/ a Wordpress page is being displayed: //In this case apply '/myweblog/'. 'url_blog' => ,

bcn_archive_date_format string ('EU'|and some other) postponed, static frontpage first Check wich Dateformattings Wordpress is using

Translation Issues

Missing Translations

Form Field Descriptions

  • Missing (en) "Will be displayed on the home page (when not using a static front page), always links to the main post page."
    • Location: breadcrumb_navxt_admin.php #292
    • Translation (de) "Wird auf der Startseite angezeigt (falls keine statische Seite verwendet wird), verlinkt immer auf die Seite des Hauptartikels."
  • Missing (en) "Placed inbetween each part of the breadcrumb."
    • Location: #301
    • Correction (en) "Placed inbetween each breadcrumb in the trail."
    • Translation (de) "Wird zwischen den einzelnen Brotkrumen angezeigt."
  • Missing (en) "The location of the page contains posts compaired to the WordPress Blog address."
    • Loaction #349
    • Translation (de) "Die URL der Seite, die Artikel enthält im Vergleich zur URL vom WordPress Blog."
    • @note I am not able to understand the meaning of the English Text. I think the description does not make it clear what value has to be entered in "Relatvie Blog URL:" (@done typo fixed).
  • Missing (en) "The title applided to the link to the static home page."
    • Location #378
    • Correction (en) @done "The title applied to the link of the static home page."
    • Translation (de) "Der Title des Links zur statischen Startseite"
    • @todo QA check if this is used with static homepages only
  • Missing (en) "e.g. EU: 14 May 2008, US: May 14, 2008, ISO: 2008 May 14"
    • Location #474
    • @todo check if this really does make sense this way. wouldn't it be better to provide the option to use php date value formatter as well or use a global wordpress value for this?!
  • Missing (en) "Display an indication that the user is on a page other than the first on items such as multi paged posts."
    • Location #540
    • Correction (en) "Show that the user is on a page other than the first on multipages posts and such."
    • Translation (de) "Bei einem Artikel über mehrere Unterseiten zeige die Seitennummer an."
  • Missing (en) "Show the taxonomy leading to a post in the breadcrumb."
    • Location #628
    • Translation (de) "Zeige Kategorie an, die den Artikel enthält."
  • Missing (en) "The taxonomy which the breadcrumb will show."
    • Location #639
    • Translation (de) "Typ der Kategorie, die als Brotkrumen angezeigt werden soll."

Form Labels

  • "Static Front Page Settings:" =(de)=> "Einstellungen für statische Startseite:"
  • "Static Front Page:" =(de)=> "Statische Startseite:"
  • "Post Title Max Length:" =(de)=> "Max. Länge des Artikeltitels:"
  • "Single Blog Post Taxonomy Display:" =(de)=> "Kategorie-Anzeige eines Einzelbeitrags"
  • "Single Blog Post Taxonomy:" =(de)=> "Typ der Kategorie beim Einzelbeitrag"
  • "Single Blog Post Tag Prefix:" =(de)=> "Einzelbeitrag-Prefix:"
  • "Single Blog Post Tag Suffix:" =(de)=> "Einzelbeitrag-Suffix:"

true / false Problem

The Problem is solved now.

The Dropdown combos display true or false all the time, independent of the WP language.

Suggestion: Currently true or false as string is saved. This should be changed to 0/1 and the drop-downs should containt a translateable label for each value. This principle could be used with the date-format (eu etc.) and the taxonomy type selector.

This has to be solved with the following Default Values Suggestions.

The Problem is solved now:

true/false drop downs do not exist any longer. The admin interface can be fully translatet as with other boxes. only some drop downs are left untouched.

Default Values

Default values are not Part of the Translation right now. I think those should be implemented to make the installation quicker and the use easer for foreign speaking users.

Keep in mind, that some Prefixes have a space at the End and some not. What is intended _by_ _default_ ? Should be fixed before translating. Or Space should be added in Code because this is not Translation related and Translators might make mistakes then.

Another point to think about would be to "key" those translations with the option-name, maybe "default_" prefixed. An Example would be using __('default_bcn_archive_date_prefix', 'breadcrumb_navxt'). This would provide a flexible way to better translate the default values.

  • "Home" =(de)=> "Home" (bcn_title_home)
  • "Blog" =(de)=> "Blog" (bcn_title_blog)
  • " > " () // Translation does not make that much sense but might for some languages maybe?
  • "Search results for '" =(de)=> "Suchergebniss für '" (bcn_search_prefix)
  • "Blog article: " =(de)=> "Beitrag: " (bcn_singleblogpost_prefix)
  • "Posts by " =(de)=> "Beitrag von " (bcn_author_prefix)
  • "Browse to: " =(de)=> "Gehe zu: " (bcn_urltitle_prefix)
  • "Archive by category '" =(de)=> "Archiv der Kategorie '" (bcn_archive_category_prefix)
  • "Archive: " =(de)=> "Archiv: " (bcn_archive_date_prefix)
  • "Attachment: " =(de)=> "Anhang: " (bcn_attachment_prefix)
  • "Archive by tag '" =(de)=> "Archiv nach Tag '" (bcn_archive_tag_prefix)
  • "Link of current page (click to refresh)" =(de)=> "Link zum erneuten Abrufen der aktuellen Seite" (bcn_current_item_urltitle)
  • ", Page " =(de)=> ", Seite " (bcn_paged_prefix)
  • "category" =(de)=> "Kategorie" (bcn_singleblogpost_taxonomy)