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I go by Mike Waggoner when not parading around as 'here' or 'herebox' online. Years worth of blogging to be found at herebox.org. New to the WordPress community as of November 2004, most interested in assisting with documentation and usability issues.

I like to consider myself a (small) part of the Documentation_team.

wiki: meta
web: herebox.org
irc: here on freenode: various

Thoughts on Codex

After working on wikipedia for a short while, I've a few thoughts and comments on how to make codex more useful and functional.

  • Bring conversation about the wiki primarily onto the wiki and off wp-docs. This increases wiki-traffic and creates an internal record of development.
  • Optionally Limit search to codex when in codex, forum threads are less than useful much of the time, and should be incorporated into codex anyway. Plus, it drives users back off of codex, pushing down editting.
  • Easy search for a file like version.php etc and arrive at an article detailing it's function?
  • List of variables (such as $wp_version) to use in building templates?
  • etc etc.

Working Pages

Please comment or add to these pages as able, to be connected in short order.

  • User:Here/Akismet - wordpress-specific akismet docs.
  • User:Here/Texturize - Very old (v1.5), perhaps still relevant.
  • User:Here/Archives - Needs deletion.