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My Codex todo list, at least the portion I've put a little planning into (mainly template tag work).

Template Tags :

  • Drop invalid tags, specifically *_unicode().
  • Organize Template Tags groups a little more logically.
    • Link & Permalink combined?
    • RSS group?

Individual tag pages :

  • Tag pages have "complete" content.
  • Tag pages have example(s).
  • Further wikification, links to Glossary entries.
  • Style standardization for tag references.
  • Colorize php tagging on usage: %%% (don't use for examples?)
  • Verify tag parameter names.
  • Verify tag parameter functionality. (nearly done)
  • Insert argument type (i.e. string, integer, boolean).

Installing Multiple Blogs :

  • Rework from old wiki - first draft completed.

How to Pass Tag Parameters :

  • Fill out descriptions. (Turned into major rewrite!)

Anatomy of a Template Tag : - Moved as sub-document to Template_Tags.

  • New document - working on first draft.

The Loop :

  • Insert help/guidance on use.