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User:Lorelle/WordPress Guide Project

My 2012 Project for the WordPress Codex is to create a "WordPress User Guide" concept that will help groups which create inhouse WordPress manuals and guides to not work so hard.

The documentation project has the following objectives:

  1. Research and review current public WordPress user guides by businesses and groups for ideas and outlines of their needs and goals.
  2. Create a WordPress Guide Table of Contents draft that outlines the step-by-step process of using WordPress with references to current WordPress Codex documentation, documentation and guides from Learn WordPress, and core documentation to identify user guide flow and gaps in the current documentation and coverage.
  3. Create documentation to help groups create their own WordPress user guide.


Please add examples of WordPress user guides in the open Google Doc.


Make note of the version of WordPress the guide covers, i.e, WordPress (self-hosted), WordPress.com, or WordPress MS.

Comments may include review, notes on what covered, what is missing, etc.

Recommendations are notes to the docs team on what needs to be brought from the document into our project.


We can do comments here, on the discussion page, and I'll do my best to include links to relevant mailing list discussions here.