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WordPress: 1.6 and beyond

This is where I am going to store my ideas for the future of WordPress

  • Allow low-level authors who have to submit work for approval to submit revision drafts, leaving the original entry intact.
  • Allow users of sufficient user level to contribute to posts/pages of other users of the same level
  • Run the_content filters when post is saved, only run filters that need to be dynamic at runtime see here
  • Login/Logout redirect_to that works all the time, for front page login/logout
  • Completely overhaul the image upload feature.
    • Allow images to be uploaded from Write screen without losing post
    • If thumbnail is created, create HTML to use it, along with link to full size
    • More resizing options, including a user-specified one that will be saved
    • Resize to X width, preserving ratio option