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For right now this is for personal purposes only.

  • make it so that when I post a reply to a multi-page thread, I get redirected after post to my post, and not the first post in the thread! 144
  • add in direct links to each page of a multi-page thread from the main topic listing. 145
    • Oops what I did isn't what you suggested. 145 adds page numbers inbetween the prev and next links.
  • paged search
  • look into using a plugin hook for a Codex quick-link for skippy (in the review pipeline).
    • while we're at it, a [[ticket:####]] quick-tag for linking to Trac tickets might help, too!
For codex, you need to remember the title (easy). For trac, you need to remember the number (hard). I'd have to go to trac to look up the number. Once there, I might as well just copy the URL straight from the source. Thoughts? --MDAWaffe - Talk
  • so you think you can tweak the URIs for bbPress, to tidy-up the search results 142 (and 143). Yahoo's turn (hopefully I didn't screw up our data with them the first go 'round).


now:			will be:
user_id(20)		ID(20)
username(40)		user_login(60)
user_password(32)	user_pass(64)
user_email(150)		user_email(100)
user_website(100)	user_url(100)
not present		user_status(11) // this should be in users - global setting.
user_regdate		user_registered datetime

user_type(11)		meta
user_icq		meta
user_occ		meta
user_from		meta
user_interest		meta
user_viewemail		meta
user_sorttopics		meta
user_newpwdkey		meta //then delete when it's no longer needed
user_newpasswd		meta //same
user_title		meta

stuff in WordPress' wp_users which bbPress currently won't use
user_nicename(50)	put this in
display_name(250)	put this in
user_activation_key(60)	won't include: should be WP meta