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User:MichaelH/FAQ for 2.5

Answers to Questions about Version 2.5

These questions and answers were gleaned from the wp-hackers and wp-testers e-mail lists over that last several weeks.

Q. How can I find the Post ID or Page ID? 
If your browser shows the URL in the status bar, when you mouse over a link, you can see the ID in the as part of the URL displayed in the browser status bar. In FireFox you can show the status bar by checking the Status bar choice under View. A more complicated method to finding the ID is to use something like phpMyAdmin to look at the database table wp_posts--look down the column of post_title to find your Post or Page Title. The ID field on that row will be your Post (or Page) ID.
Q. How do I find the Category ID? 
In Manage->Categories, place your mouse over the Category Name you are trying to find the ID for and the 'cat_ID' will show as part of the URL displayed in the browser status bar. In FireFox you can show the status bar by checking the Status bar choice under View. A more complicated method to finding the Category ID is to use something like phpMyAdmin to look at the database table wp_terms and find the row where name column is your Category Description. The term_id on that row will be your Category ID.
Q. How can I edit my Post slug or my Page slug? 
The Post (or Page) slug is now displayed as the Permalink under the Title field in writing or editing a Post or Page. If you are using the "Default" Peramlink Settings you will not see and can't edit the Permalink. Only if you are using a 'pretty Permalink' (e.g. Month and name) in Settings->Permalinks will the Permalink be available for edit. When creating a new Post or Page, the Permalink field won't show up until you complete the Title.
Q. Where are my Post Categories and Tags when writing a Post? 
Scroll down below the Post content box.
Q. How do I rearrange the order Advanced Options boxes like Custom Fields and Excerpt? 
This is no longer possible.
Q. I don't see a link to edit a user's name. 
In the table of Users, click on the name (represented as a link), to edit that user's information.
Q. What happened to my Import Links ability? 
Import Links is displayed under the Related section on the Write->Link screen
Q. Where's the menu tab to access the Dashboard? 
The link to the Dashboard is in the dark border at the top left of the screen.
Q. What happened to my child categories? I had the Category Ford both as a Child of New Cars, and as a Child of Old Car, but I can't do that any longer? 
Duplicate Category (and Tag) names are no longer allowed.
Q. I can't upload certain file types and get message "File type does not meet security guidelines. Try another" 
Unknown file extensions are 'blocked from uploading'. New extensions and their icons can be added via changes to the functions wp_check_filetype and wp_ext2type in wp-includes/functions.php.
Q. How can I change that red banner in the Dashboard? 
Change to the 'Classic' Admin Color Schemes in Users->Your Profile.
Q. What happened to my Options choices? 
Options are now called Settings and that menu tab is to the right on your menu next to Plugins and Users.
Q. How do I edit a Category Description? 
Under Manage->Categories, click on the Category Name you wish to edit.
Q. How do I edit a Comment?  
Under Comments, click on the name of the comment author and then you will be placed in 'Edit Comment' mode.
Q. Where is the WordPress Bookmarklet? 
It's gone for now but will likely be available in Version 2.6 but see <a href="http://wordpress.org/support/topic/164205">Dion Hulce's suggestion in the Forums</a>.
Q. When in the Media Library, what is this error -- Fatal error
Call to undefined function: wp_get_attachment_image() in /home/public_html/wp-includes/post-template.php on line 384 :
This is usually caused by a PHP file not being correctly uploaded. Make sure wp-includes/media.php and wp-settings.php are intact (reupload them).
Q. When trying to upload media files I get the message "Are you sure you want to do that?" with a link telling me to try again. Clicking "Please try again" simply reloads the dashboard into the frame. 
You may need to disable your plugins one-by-one to find the 'problem' plugin. Some older plugins, such as Ryan Duff's old WP-Contact plugin, have been reported to cause this problem, so check under the Plugins tab to see if your Plugins need updating.
Q. Has the option to enable/disable Gzip compression been removed from 2.5?

A Yes, the option is gone. WordPress now leaves compression as a decision for the server.

Q. Why can't I add media in Manage->Media Library? 
This was planned for 2.5 but didn't make it into code so this will be included in a future release.
Q. How do I add links to my Blogroll? 
A new menu choice, Write->Link, allows creation of new Links. In Manage->Links, there is an "add new" link to the right of the Manage Links heading. Also remember the new Manage->Link Categories to add and maintain Link Categories.
Q. What happened to the Post Timestamp box? How do I change the Post Timestamp? 
In Write->Post, in the Publish Status area, click on the Edit button to the right of Publish immediately. When editing a Post, there is a similar edit button in the Publish Status area next to the Published on date and time.
Q. My screen is using 1280x960 pixels and I notice that admin screens are left aligned, not centered or stretched 100%. 
This is the intended design. Dion Hulce has <a href="http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/remove-max-width">Remove Max Width Plugin</a> to change this.
Q. The collation set in "wp-config.php" (DB_COLLATE) is not being used in searches. 
This will be likely be fixed in 2.5.1 but see <a href="http://comox.textdrive.com/pipermail/wp-testers/2008-March/007284.html">this thread at wp-testers</a> for a suggested fix.
Q. I get a “403 Forbidden" error when uploading files. I am also using the Bad Behavior plugin. 
May need to delete the "Shockwave Flash" from the Bad Behavior blacklist file. See <a href="http://rickbeckman.org/wordpress-25-bad-behavior-20x/">Rick Beckman's post</a> for a detailed description.
Q. I just tried to upload several media file and my browser crashed when it got to the "Crunching" part. 
It is possible your system doesn't support the Flash uploader or needs an upgrade to your Flash Player. Dion Hulse also wrote the <a href="http://trac.wordpress.org/attachment/ticket/6406/no-flash-uploader.php">the No Flash Uploader plugin</a> to disable the Flash uploader. Also a fix for Internet Explorer 7 browers is available in Trac Ticket 6443.
Q. I can't edit the Post slug/permalink and I'm sure I'm using pretty permalinks 
To help debug the problem, answer these questions. What is your permalink structure? Can you provide the permalink for a post that does not show the Permalink field in the editor? Do you get any JS errors in the console? If you have plugins activated, does the problem persist if they are deactivated?
Q. The Change button (beside the Remove button) in Design->Widgets isn't working. When I click change (beside remove button) it doesn't save the changes to the widget. 
Clicking Change doesn't actually do a save and reload. You have to click "Save Changes" at the bottom to make the changes stick.
Q. In older versions, below widgets we had the option to select how many 'Text' widgets we want to use, but I don't see that in 2.5. 
The option is no longer needed. Widgets that allow multiple instances (e.g. Text widget) can be added as many times as you like by just clicking on the Add button. Remember to "Save Changes" when done adding the widgets.
Q. Can I revert from Version 2.5 to Version 2.3.3? 
The best way is to restore your 2.3.3 database and files. If that is not possible, then any user that accessed the 2.5 blog or was added in 2.5 would need the MD5 password reset in the user table.
Q. I have several production blogs using Version 2.3.3 and I just upgraded to Version 2.5 on one of those blog. All the blogs share a common user table for the user names and passwords, but when I login to the Version 2.5 blog with a user, why can't I use that same user to login to the 2.3.3 blogs.  
Version 2.5 has enhance the password authentication so the passwords created/used for a 2.5 blog will not work on a 2.3.3 blog. Ryan wrote <a href="http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/md5-password-hashes/">MD5 Password Hashes plugin</a> to use the old password hashing (like what is used in Version 2.3.3) in a Version 2.5 blog.
Q. How do I add a youtube video to a 2.5 Post? 
In the HTML mode, paste the youtube URL (youtube tells you this) into the post. In the Visual mode, paste the youtube URL into the popup activated when you click on the "Insert/edit embedded media" icon on the 2nd toolbar row.