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User:MichaelH/Free Install Work Document

This is a service offered by people who have a lot of experience in using WordPress. The people involved in this project are trusted by their peers. It is not officially endorsed by or connected with WordPress.org or WordPress.com and they bear no responsibility. It is offered freely but the right not to accept a request is ours. Blogs for or connected to businesses will not be accepted. This service is for personal bloggers only. We could use lots of legal words and small print but it would all still come down to what <delete> is below.</delete> follows. While we will try our hardest, due to the many different server configurations we cannot guarantee an install. In such cases we will give <delete>further</delete> <added>what ever advice we can. </added> Please be aware that every time you click through to the next page you are accepting everything on that page.

What this project is: A way for you to have WordPress installed on your domain at no cost. We do this because installation should not be a hurdle to using WordPress. We also do this because it increases our knowledge of installations across many hosts so improving help for others.

What this project is not: This is not a hosting service. You must have your own domain name and domain hosting before asking here.

What we ask of you: That you give the nominated person your hosting passwords. As a minimum, the nominated person will need access to the database and ftp. A <delete>cpanel</delete> <Added>control panel</added> login is ideal. <comment>(note, CPanel is a product, and not all hosts use it.) </comment>

We will: Install WordPress to your website into a directory called 'wordpress' Check that the blog works by making 1 post and 1 comment <added>in addition to what comes with WP out of the box.</added> Delete any passwords / cookies / browser information on completion <added>Provide some links to additional information that may be of some use; ie, codex links to themes, plugins, how to move WP to a different location.,etc. </added>

We will not: Host your blog Instruct you on installation Install any plugins Install any themes Troubleshoot anything other than install issues Ask for money, links or any other form or reward Provide further support outside of the forums

The Process: After completing some basic information, someone from the project will get in touch (auth issues?). That person will then do what they do etc etc etc