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User:MichaelH/Installation Notes/Miscellaneous

Notes for install4free installers


One.com creates the database for the user and sends new users a 'welcome' letter with the necessary MySQL database information to complete the wp-config.php file. The 'welcome' letter also contains the FTP information


Typically, even when a user only has one domain, it is recommended to change (or establish) the Destination for the domain to be a folder so that if a user adds another domain there won't be problems. So if the domain is sample.com create a Destination (click on the domain link under Domains) folder called sample.com. Usually takes several minutes for that to resolve. Then FTP the files into that folder.

If there are other applications installed, such as a 1&1Blog, the user should delete that application. Sometimes it takes several hours for the domain to properly resolve once one of those applicatons is deleted. If you can't click on the domain name under Domains and change the Destination, then that domain is likely 'tied-up' by some other application. Sometimes FTP access is not available if the domain is 'tied-up' by another application.


When you create a MySQL database at ovh.com, an email is sent to the user with the password information. You can see that email in the control panel or ask the user to email that information.


Like one.com, ask the user to email the MySQL database information.

cPanel hosts

FTP is not necessary with cPanel as the wordpress.zip distribution can be uploaded and extracted via cPanel File Manager (or Legacy File Manager). The web-root folder is typically public_html for the main domain and /public_html/somefolderxxx for other domains (or sub-domains).


Again, like cPanel, you can use the File Manager, to upload the wordpress zip or gzip file and extract the contents. Each domain has a separate web-root folder that is the same name as the domain itself.


Again, like cPanel, you can use the File Manager, to upload the wordpress zip or gzip file and extract the contents.


Again, like cPanel, you can use the WebShell3 (File Manager), to upload the wordpress zip or gzip file and extract the contents.


The file manager there also allows you to upload and extract the wordpress zip file. Typically, uncheck the box when it asks if it should create a separate folder to extract into. The web-root folder is normally /www/www


Have rarely been able to get WordPress to completely install at startlogic.com as there always seems to be a problem with the MySQL database not being completely populated.


Have not been able to connect via FTP to any free.fr site. Not sure why, but guessing free.fr might be blocking FTP at certain IP ranges.


Need to use Passive FTP mode on this host.

Database server/host

Sometimes it is necessary to use phpMyAdmin to access the database to determine the 'correct' value for DB_HOST