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User:MichaelH/Installation Notes/Simple Installation for cPanel


  • You've created your database already and know that database information.
  • You're installing your 'main registered' domain (not an add-on domain) and that you want visitors to access your WordPress blog at www.sample.com (use your real domain in place of sample.com).
  • You've downloaded the wordpress-x.zip (where x is the version) file to your local machine.

Using the cPanel Legacy File Manager

  • Navigate to your web-root folder (public_html)
  • Click on Upload Files link, then upload the whole wordpress-2.3.1.zip into your web-root folder (public_html).
  • After uploading, click on that file name, then click on Extract File Contents, and the contents will extract to a folder called wordpress.
  • Click into the wordpress folder, rename wp-config-sample.com to wp-config.com.
  • Click on the wp-config.php file then Edit file. Put your database information in that file. DB_HOST is probably 'localhost'.

Using your browser (like FireFox)

  • Browse to www.sample.com/wordpress. The installation process will start
  • Enter the information to complete the install.
  • Login with the user/password provided
  • Go to Options->General and change the Blog address (URL) to http://www.sample.com (delete the /wordpress at the end).

Now back in cPanel Legacy File Manager

  • Make sure you are in the public_html folder (wordpress folder should be there)
  • Click on Create New File link, call the file index.php
  • Put this information in the file and save it.
/* Short and sweet */
define('WP_USE_THEMES', true);

That's it